The Asia Graduate School of Business was established in August 1998 to coordinate postgraduate studies and research activities at the university. It has since transformed itself while retaining the original objectives of providing quality yet affordable postgraduate education for everyone. Leveraging on the university's established online technology platforms and delivered by caring and dedicated academic and administrative staff, the Asia Graduate School of Business has nurtured numerous local and international scholars in academic disciplines ranging from Education, Information Technology, Hospitality to Business and Management.

Asia Graduate School of Business provides an inspiring and exciting graduate education and with research programmers that open up a world of fascinating opportunities for you to experience the latest knowledge, acquire the relevant specialised skill sets and expand your professional networking circle.


Master of Business Administration

In today’s complex world, business leaders have to possess all necessary skills and capabilities to capitalize on the opportunities available to move ahead and to be able to compete effectively. Recognizing that they have an important role to play in society, the Asia Graduate School of Business of UNITAR is offering an MBA programme designed to develop future business leaders with “soft” and “hard” skills and competencies to deal with the current business environment. Our programme equips them with the knowledge and ablity to lead dynamic and complex organisations in the era of globalization.

This is how the UNITAR MBA makes a difference:

Management across any function

Change is the one thing you can expect with certainty. That's why we have carefully crafted the MBA Curriculum to help you develop a capacity for analysis, critical assessment, judgment, and effective action that you can exercise throughout the course of any career you choose to pursue.

Our MBA programme is designed in such a manner so that students who go through the programme will be able to perform the following:

  1. Integrate and apply advanced business knowledge and skills in managing organizations
  2. Apply technical skills within the organization toward the accomplishment of business objectives and goals
  3. Exercise analytical ability and apply social considerations when making business decisions
  4. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with different stakehoders
  5. Develop social skills and demonstrate social responsibilities when working in a team
  6. Demonstrate professionalism and compliance to ethical standards in executing accountabilities and responsibilities
  7. Create lifelong learning culture by using information and communication technology to keep abreast with the changing business environment
  8. Exhibit managerial and entrepreneurial skills for effective decision making
  9. Portray leadership qualities in managing a business strategically

Learning in Practice

It's one thing to learn a theory from lectures and textbooks. It's something else entirely to learn how to make decisions in the face of conflicting data, complex politics, and intense time and fiscal pressures, and then to justify your choices among peers who are as motivated and intelligent as you. That's exactly what you'll experience  at Asia Graduate School of Business, not once but many times over through out the 18 months of in-depth, case-method learning and hands-on course that puts problem solving and leadership into practice through teamwork, personal reflection, global immersions, and hands-on experience designing business strategies and managing business performance.

An engaging community

At its core, UNITAR student life is built around an intense personal experience gained through postgraduate club events, student organizations, guest speakers, seminars, and more. In fact, many of our student profiles share a common theme: MBA candidates have not only found a community of support, but a close-knit network of friendships that lasts a lifetime. Everything in the Asia Graduate School of Business - from our lecture theatre to classrooms and to our graduate lounge facility - is designed to encourage community collaboration for a richer learning experience.

MBA Students

Our MBA students are the cornerstone of our programme and have undoubtedly been one of our programme’s greatest strengths. Most of our students are well entrenched in successful careers in the public, private, and non-for-profit sectors. They range from business executives in leading firms, to senior-level administrators in government and private sectors, as well as established consultants. They bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom and, coupled with the intellectual input from the lectures and case studies, they are then equipped to make both critical and significant contributions to engage in stimulating classroom discussions.


Masters of Education Programmes

Malaysia is fast progressing towards a knowledge-based economy. As such, the academic requirements and expectations for a teacher are increasingly getting higher and higher. Previously, nearly all primary school teachers did not have a degree, however nowadays the number of graduate teachers in primary schools is increasing and more and more secondary school teachers are pursuing Master's degrees. There is a need for more specialised Master of Education (MEd) programmes to meet the needs of these practitioners so that they can function effectively in the present classroom context. UNITAR has responded to this market demand for specialised training in education at the Postgraduate level.

To meet this demand from society, the Asia Graduate School of Business is offering several Master of Education programmes specializing in five (5) areas, namely, Educational Leadership and Management, Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching of English as a Second Language, Guidance and Counselling, and Early Childhood Education.

These programmes; designed by academics with long years of experience as school teachers and lecturers at universities in Malaysia and abroad; focus on basic education which exposes students to important concepts, theories, models, and principles in education; and also on the specialisation contents that will differentiate the graduates from one programme to another. It means that, students in each area of specialization will be awarded a different MEd degree. Other than the formal curricula, students will also be given the opportunity to visit relevant places of work and carry out a research project in the area of specialisation. These will give them a rich workplace and research experience in the area they specialised, which in turn, will help them accommodate in their future working environments.

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