Master of Management

N/340/7/0136 (MQA/FA 1876)
Level of Study: 
Postgraduate Degree
Asia Graduate School of Business

Programme Overview

The Master of Management is designed to provide leadership expertise in managing organizational change and development for value creation in an organization on the platform of current world situation of rapid technology advances, liberalization and globalization. This program will nurture graduates with knowledge and expertise in leadership and management. Through the courses offered in this program, graduates will have a chance to hone their communication, decision making, and analytical as well as critical thinking skills. This provides a vital grounding in a broad spectrum of business, management, human resource management, communication, leadership and psychology.  This program will also mainly focus on soft skills. Graduates of this program will have promising careers in any organization, with excellent opportunities for advancement.

The minimum duration to complete this program is 1 year 4 months and the maximum duration is 4 years for distance learning mode

Programme details