Friday, August 25, 2017

UNITAR Duta Budaya, the cultural dance team of UNITAR International University (UNITAR), has been selected to represent Malaysia at the 2017 Cheonan World Dance Festival competition in Cheonan, South Korea from 13 – 17 September 2017.

This selection is due to UNITAR Duta Budaya being the overall Champions at the Festival of Colours of the World 2016 (FESCO 2016) national dance competition organised by the Co-Curriculum Unit (Arts & Culture) of Student Support Services Department of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and the winner gets to represent Malaysia at the world dance festival in 2017 and for this year it is the 2017 Cheonan World Dance Festival in Cheonan Samgeori Park, Cheonan City, South Korea.

“The students’ hard work really paid off during FESCO 2016 and we are proud that they have this opportunity to represent Malaysia at a world class event. With the talented, intellectual and hardworking team of students that we have, I have faith in them that they will give their very best in representing themselves, the UNITAR name and even Malaysia at the 2017 Cheonan World Dance Festival competition,” said Associate Professor Dr. Muhamad Naim Kamari, Deputy Vice Chancellor of UNITAR International University (UNITAR). 

At FESCO 2016, UNITAR Duta Budaya won the Malay Traditional Dance Medley, Best Costume Award and Best Choreography Award categories, making them the overall Champions to be able to get this opportunity of representing Malaysia at the world dance festival held annually for 14 years now.

The Federation of International Dance Festivals (FIDAF) Malaysia has set its roots as a regulatory body for arts and culture in Malaysia and uses FESCO as a platform to call out performing arts group from all over the country to join hands and represent Malaysia in the international arena.

At the 2017 Cheonan World Dance Festival, UNITAR Duta Budaya will be participating in the National Dance Competition, Street Dance Parade, International Dancing Competition and Solo & Duet competition categories together with the Cultural Sharing Performance showcase for the audience.

Dancers and delegation will consist of 25 persons departing Kuala Lumpur on 11 August 2017.

UNITAR Duta Budaya is one of the club and society under the purview of UNITAR Student Well-Being Services for the interested students to partake and be active in their co-curriculum activities besides going for their Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters or PhD studies at UNITAR.