Brace yourself for an exciting campus life beyond the classroom here at UNITAR International University (UNITAR). With almost a quarter of our students coming from over 15 countries from around the world, our campus offers a diverse and vibrant melting pot of talents, ideas and experiences.

In addition, round-the-year student activities from more than 20 student clubs and societies offer you ample, opportunities in arts, culture, and sports to develop personal skills in communication and leadership, at the same time helping you to build community bonds and networks that will benefit you later in life.

Student Representatives Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) looks after the welfare of the students at UNITAR. They are the highest student body in the University which represents the entire student population in the institution. They are also the student voice to the administrative body while playing a pivotal role in guiding and developing the students into becoming wholesome individuals when graduate.

SRC organises various types of activities in promoting greater social awareness and facilitates interaction among its students. A General Election is held by UNITAR yearly to elect the representatives of this council. You may reach your Student representative Council (SRC) at

Welfare & Community Works

Borneo Student Society (BSS)
The ‘Borneo Student Society’ is open to students from Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak) as well as those from the islands of West Malaysia. BSS organises and partakes extensively in activities inside and outside of the University.

Cultural & Religious Associations

  1. Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam (PERMAI)
    ‘Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam’ is the only club at UNITAR that brings together all Muslim students to plan and venture into all types of activities that are in accordance to Islamic teachings. It also acts as a platform for its members to improve their understanding in Islam.
  2. Persatuan Mahasiswa India UNITAR (PMIU)
    ‘Persatuan Mahasiswa India’ is an association that gathers all Indian students to organise many kinds of activities, especially those pertaining to Indian culture and heritage. Apart from this, it also encourages cultural interaction between different ethnic groups in the community.
  3. UNITAR Chinese Student Association (UCSA)
    The ‘UNITAR Chinese Student Association’ is an association that gathers all Chinese students to organise many kinds of activities, especially those pertaining to Chinese culture and heritage. Apart from this, it also encourages cultural interaction between different ethnic groups in the community.

Recreational Activities

UNITAR Adventure and Recreational Club (URAC)
The ‘Adventure and Recreational Club’ welcomes active, fun loving UNITAR students to this fast growing outdoor activities group. URAC focuses on offering its members a wide variety of outdoor, cultural, sporting, travel and social events to participate in. Its mission is to provide members a wide array of fun-filled activities in a relaxed, no-pressure environment to foster social interaction amongst its members. Among the activities organised are jungle tracking, mountain climbing and recreational trips within Malaysia.

Academic Associations

  1. Business IT Club, Faculty of Business Technology and Accounting
    Business IT Club (BIT) is formerly known as UNITAR Information Technology Association (UITA). This association is a platform for IT students to exchange ideas, view, opinions and to keep up with breaking news in the field of Information Technology. It also creates an opportunity for students to approach modern IT issues and organise academic activities for students. This provides a platform which will allow the discovery of the potential talent in students and help cultivate them in the University setting as well as to prepare them for the world beyond, in the field of Information Technology.
  2. HOST Club, Faculty of Culinary and Tourism
    The ‘HOST Club’ is a University organisation with the primary goal to provide social and educational activities for UNITAR students interested in the hospitality and tourism industries. So far, this club has organised many activities for its members which include inter-university persons or with external parties in the hospitality and tourism industries.
  3. Educator’s Club, Faculty of Education and Communications
    The ‘Educator’s Club’ is primarily established for students pursuing a Bachelor of Education (Hons) programme at UNITAR. However, it is also open to students who are interested in the education field, even if it is not their primary focus. The club provides practical information for those who are interested to explore an education career either with the Government or in private institutions.
  4. Counseling Club (UNICC)
    The ‘Counselling Club’ is established primarily for students pursuing a Bachelor in Counselling (Hons) programme. It provides practical information for those who are interested to explore the techniques and activities of the counseling area and processes.

Martial Arts

Taekwondo Club 
The ‘Taekwondo Club’ provides a unique opportunity for UNITAR students to experience Taekwondo in an exciting and authentic manner. Taekwondo is the Korean art of self-defense dedicated to the achievement of physical fitness, concentration, determination and confidence. It also disciplines the mind and body of an individual.

Creative Arts

  1. Creative Club
    Creative Club aspires aspiring future journalists, poets, and writers to meet once a week to develop creative and critical thinking skills through writing workshop and trainings. This club also plans to report all UNITAR events, provide commentary on local and global issues, solicit creative writing submissions form other students, and publish the best texts on an online blog similar to formats found in the Universities in the United States of America.
  2. Modelling Club
    The Modelling Club provides opportunity to the students who adores the modelling world as this club will organise few events such as Designing competition, Model search and etc. This will give a good exposure for the students to be creative and ready for the real world of creative jobs.

UNITAR International Students Society (UISS)

UISS is a forum for international students to meet each other and also for other interested students to get together and support the needs of international students at UNITAR. So far, ISA has organised several activities for its members such as Hari Raya celebrations and Christmas.

Sport Activities At UNITAR

The University’s policy is to provide appropriate facilities whether on or off campus. A budget shall be provided for such purposes and the Sports and Recreation Unit shall be responsible in executing this policy.

  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Badminton


Duta Budaya UNITAR is the University’s official cultural team under Student Affairs Department (STAD) to cultivate the interest among students in cultural and heritage activities. Duta Budaya has introduced several groups in which students learn and experience the beauty of the exotic Malaysian culture and tradition.