Research in UNITAR is governed by the Centre for Research and Consultancy (CRC) which reports directly to the Vice Chancellor’s Office. It coordinates the annual strategic direction in academic publication for the university while being the central administrator of research activities, grants and consultancy works. CRC supports the vice chancellor and deans in overseeing the UNITAR research policy through monitoring and providing statistics and reports on research outcomes, awarded grants, research funding portfolios and external funding successes.
Being a leading university in social sciences, research works in UNITAR are focused on fundamental studies with a particular inclination towards innovative solutions. In UNITAR we nurture the research culture throughout all levels with exposure as early as in the undergraduate level. Part of our commitment towards this is the International Journal of Innovation in Social Sciences, a peer-review online journal which is published by the Knowledge Management Centre of UNITAR. It is our firm believe that having a mind that is both cultured and curious would pave the path to harness one’s potential.
Students and academicians who are keen on engaging in research activities will find UNITAR an excellent institution to be part of. With the availability of grants and opportunity to present works at conferences, we are very positive to invest in the development of new bodies of knowledge.