Student Talent and Alumni Relation Services (STARS) core functions are divided into Student Talent Services and Alumni Relation Services.

Student Talent Services

Student Talent Services plays an integral role in supporting the University’s mission to nurture wholesome graduates with strong employability skills, who are career-ready, and highly sought-after by Top Employers and the Industry.

Career Preparedness Programme (CPP) is our latest approach to produce wholesome graduates. Our services include:

  • Career Exploration
  • Industry Talk
  • Industry Visit
  • Career Assessment
  • Career Day
  • Industry Attachment
  • Skills workshop
  • Grooming and Refresher courses
  • Job / Network portal
  • Outreach programme


If you have any further enquiries with regards to student talent, feel free to contact us at

Alumni Relation Services

Alumni Relation Services aims to develop and strengthen ties between our Alumni and the University by providing services from financial assistance to job placement through maintaining good relationship and networking.

Our services include:

  • Alumni Discount Scheme (ADS)
  • Alumni Activities
  • Employer Feedback
  • Alumni Testimonials
  • Career Day
  • Job Listings
  • Tracer Study


If you have any further enquiries with regards to alumni relations, feel free to contact us at