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UNIEC (UNITAR Education Core) is the UNITAR’s  Holistic Innovative Learning which is the essence of UNITAR’s teaching and learning. The learner centred learning environment is when learning can be seamless anytime, anywhere while engagement between lecturers and students deemed essential for learning can take place in a virtual platform. UNITAR acknowledges that learning does not take place only in classrooms hence UNIEC provides learning environment across time and place. This is 21st century education that UNITAR offers.

UNITAR is on ‘blended-learning’ mode in which students’ learning will be the mixture of face-to-face interaction (known as UNIEC Face) and also online interaction (UNIEC Virtual) plus UNIEC Profiling where they can customized they own learning environment. Our lecturers are also implementing different ways of teaching method for example ‘flipped classroom’ in which students will review their lesson before the start of the class so that they will have more time to do hands-on activities under the lecturer’s guidance. Thus, engagement of learning encompass different methods and strategies as part of UNIEC learning environment. 

UNIEC has various initiatives such as the campus management system (UNIEC Campus), learning management system (UNIEC Virtual), UNIEC E-Books, UNIEC Space, Student Profiling System, communication tools such as 0365 Microsoft emails, social media and others. These systems are designed to be user-friendly. Workshops are also conducted during orientation, while UNIEC Clinics are conducted throughout the semester. Besides that, students can also walk-in to the Open Stop Centre for assistance. UNIEC Virtual, the virtual learning platform, is very simple and it is a combination of communication tool, collaboration tool, creation tool, sharing tool, analyzing tool and also personalizing tool under one system. It is just like using other Web 2.0 tools available out there however, we are concentrating on using it for education purposes.

UNITAR’s mission is to produce wholesome graduates, which has been holistically developed throughout your studies in UNITAR. This is to ensure that all graduates are competent and equipped with the skills of the 21st Century. Therefore, we’re instilling you with Critical thinking skills, Communication skill, Productivity and accountability skills, Accessing, analyzing and synthesizing information, Entrepreneur skill, Global citizenship, Innovative skill, Adaptability, Collaboration skill, and lastly, Leadership skill within the University’s learning environment.

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