Welcome to the Asia Graduate School of Business


AGSB aspires to nurture future business leaders who are catalysts to drive change with intellectual knowledge, innovative ideas, shared vision, effective execution while fostering values. In today’s competitive environment, managers go beyond managing the day-to-day operations and are expected to lead effectively at their level. AGSB prepares individuals with the skills highly demanded by the industry. Enhancing strategic thinking skill, which emphasizes on gathering critical information and intelligence to support the managerial decision making is central to our curriculum.

AGSB offers postgraduate programmes at Masters and Doctoral levels in both areas of business administration and management. Students gain a wholesome learning experience through the transformation of our delivery from a teacher-centric to a student-centric by ensuring the discovery of knowledge takes place in an environment best suited to their pace and space via the blended learning. We believe the value of knowledge is manifested through one’s ability to apply the theories in the context of the real world of practice. Leveraging on AGSB collaboration with industries students are exposed to the current issues and challenges surrounding the business environment, focusing on an Asian perspective, from their deep Interactions with the industry players in the classroom.