Doctor of Philosophy in Management

N/345/8/0487 (MQA/PA3741)
Level of Study: 
Postgraduate Degree
Asia Graduate School of Business

Programme Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management is to prepare candidates is designed to allow candidates gain knowledge and skills necessary to function at the highest academic and professional  levels.  The objectives of the programme are to produce graduates who should be able to apply systematic comprehension and in depth understanding of knowledge and skills in the field of management.   The graduates are also able to express ideas and opinions critically and effectively in writing and oral presentation as well as recognising new approaches in providing management based research findings. 

The learning outcomes are designed to address the eight important aspects which cover the knowledge, practical and skills, social skills, communication, leadership and team work, information management, lifelong learning, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.  Generally, the emphasis on leadership, quality education, managerial and entrepreneurial skills as well as professionalism are well-covered in the programme.

The programme is structured to support the completion of all requirements between three to five (3 – 5) years for those enrolled as full-time and four to six (4 – 6) years for those registered on a part-time basis.

Programme details