Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons)

N/812/6/0079 (MQA/PA 3598)
Level of Study: 
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Culinary & Tourism

Programme Overview

Bachelor in Tourism Management is an undergraduates program that allows a student with in-depth knowledge, concept, and perspectives in the tourism industry.  The program focused  on broad coverage of tourism industry that includes cultural and heritage, event management, park and recreation, e-tourism & hospitality, transportation operations, human resources, sales and marketing, and other related subjects. This 3 and half year programme will require the student to choose 3 different concentration:

  1. Event management
    Broad knowledge of event industry in related to the concepts, facilities management, event and protocol also handling crowd and safety issues.
  2. Theme park management
    Theme park industries have emerged globally as well as in this country itself. Due to that, the student will be exposed to the real-time scenario in managing theme park, the type of rides and facilities management, as well as the promotional effort applied in a theme park.
  3. Community-based tourism
    The knowledge that emphasis on planning and sustainability concept, managing rural tourism, the impact of tourism towards the local community as well as some elements of entrepreneurial related to the industry.

Career Prospects

  • Industries related to tourism: Attractions, Lodging, Food and beverages, Transportation, Travel Operator & Agencies, Theme parks, Tourism related government agencies, event companies and tourism entrepreneur
  • Positions: Junior Executive level as a startup, ticketing and reservation executive, guest service officer, event planner, government tourism associate, theme park associate, airlines ground and cabin crew etc.

Programme details