Master of Hospitality Management

N/811/7/0053 (MQA/FA 1714)
Level of Study: 
Postgraduate Degree
Faculty of Culinary & Tourism

Programme Overview

The Master of Science in Hospitality Management programme is designed for those who have chosen or plan to be at the frontier of new knowledge development in the field of hotel, tourism or foodservice management.  The curriculum comprises of core components that covers in depth understanding and the ability to search,  analyze and synthesize information on the industry.  The project-based learning approach will enhance students’ experiential learning experience.

Programme Objectives

  • Ensuring that the graduates have advanced knowledge in the hospitality discipline. 
  • Equipping the graduates with the skill to conduct research on industry issues.
  • Producing graduates with the ability to innovate and develop or enhance new hospitality products.

Programme Delivery Approach

Project-Based Learning

The objective of Project-Based learning is to provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, management principles, communication skills, marketing, strategic planning and other courses in a realistic environment.

Students are required to examine a site, conduct situational analysis, develop a masterplan for tourism development for the area,  design potential hospitality/tourism products and forecast and appraise the project viability.

Students will study and examine tourism sites alongside renown academicians  who will monitor their progress throughout their term of study and at the end of their study period they are expected to present feasibility hospitality projects.

Programme details