Bachelor of Communication (Hons)

N/321/6/0163 (MQA/PA 5238), N/321/6/0158 (MQA/PA 5146)
Level of Study: 
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Education & Humanities

Programme Overview

The Bachelor in Communication programme is designed to provide students to become professional practitioners in the communication industry.

The programme provides an in-depth understanding of the interactions between different aspects of the industry and its natural, social and cultural environments.

The programme aims at producing professionally focused graduates who have adequate knowledge and understanding mechanisms for regional and community planning and development and the role of communication as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon. 

Graduates of this program are designed to be competent to make a significant contribution to communication and media planning, and sensitive to the needs of communication and the media communities and the industry. 

A vast and high carrier prospects for Bachelor of Communication (Hons). Career opportunities include working within the following industries:, publishing, travel, teaching, advertising and public relations, and graduates may also work in multilingual administrative posts. 

Greater opportunities of employability in many industries like ST Media, ASTRO and also work co-operatively and collaboratively in communication productions, showing appropriate levels of independent initiative and professional judgment. and others.

Programme details