Bachelor of Education (Hons)

N/145/6/0014 (MQA/FA 1704), N/145/6/0014 (MQA/PA 1859)
Level of Study: 
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Education & Humanities

Programme Overview

The programme is designed to meet the demand for graduates who are proficient in the teaching profession to serve the country’s various educational institutions. 

The graduates are also trained to continuously collaborate, demonstrate knowledge, skills, critical and reflective thinking of their work in line with the Malaysian education 

policies and practices. They are also provided with facilities to give them the advantage in terms of the usage of information technology and exposure to real working 

environment and conditions.

The programme offers students the opportunity to explore in-depth knowledge in various specializations which will help them to keep abreast with new discoveries,

innovations, insights and thinking. Students will be exposed to a disciplinary approach, which crosses multicultural boundaries to be a well-adjusted practitioners and teaching professionals. 

Education teachers can find work in all facets of education, from primary school to secondary school till tertiary level. 

Programme details