Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling (Hons)

N/762/6/006 (MQA/FA 1744)
Level of Study: 
Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Education & Humanities

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling (Hons.) programme is designed to produce professionally focused and psychologically oriented counsellors who are prepared to address intellectual, emotional, social and psychological needs of the individuals. Graduates of this programme are prepared to counsel clients; to coordinate the resources of the work place and the community in order to meet the needs of clients. It also helps them to acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours needed of professional counsellors.

Guidance counselors generally work in public and private schools, where they meet with students individually or with entire classes for special events, such as substance abuse lectures and college recruitment information. Most guidance counselors work in elementary, middle and high schools; however, some work in colleges or universities and may be called academic advisers. Those who do not work in schools find jobs in vocational rehabilitation services and individual or family services.

Programme details