Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education

N/142/8/0012 (MQA/PA 3855)
Level of Study: 
Postgraduate Degree
Graduate School of Education

Programme Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD) in Education is to prepare  candidates  to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to function at the highest academic and professional levels. The objectives of the programme are to produce graduate who have strong background in education discipline  academic scholarship or researchers, able to apply the scientific methods in identifying problems and offering appropriate solutions. To equip graduates with important work related skills such as leadership and team building skills, decision making, critical and analytical thinking skills and project management skills. Generally the emphases on leadership, quality education, managerial and entrepreneurial skills as well as professionalism are well-covered in the nine(9) programme outcomes: apply systematic comprehension and in depth understanding of knowledge and skills in filed of education, solve real world problem in the area of education, express ideas and opinions critically and effectively in writing and oral presentation, recognize and formulated new approach or method in providing education based  research findings, deliver and produce ideas and solutions with entrepreneurial and managerial skills, participate  in a project-based assignment at individual or team level, complete research project while maintaining good professional ethics and social value, discover new knowledge through informal sources and training, promote the technological, social and cultural progress in knowledge based society in academic and professional contexts.

Programme details