• Diploma in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts University Malaya, Malaysia
  • Master of Education (Curriculum and  Instruction), University of Texas, USA
  • Doctoral Degree (Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology), University Malaya, Malaysia


  • Served Ministry of Education, Malaysia for 28 years as a School Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Assistant Director
  • During her assignment as Assistant Director with the Ministry Education, she was appointed as Performance Management Officer for Teacher Quality Lab initiatives for GTP 1.0
  • Led the pilot project named School Improvement Special Coach (SISC) in Sabah and Kedah in 2010 – 2012
  • Has expertise in School Improvement Programme, upskilling programmes for teachers, programme evaluation and research in the field of teacher education, teacher competencies and teaching and learning
  • Research officer for the Teacher Education Division, Ministry of Education
  • Expert panel for Developing a Teacher Competency Framework for Southeast Asian Teachers organised by SEAMEO  Innotech, Manila
  • A master trainer for Instructional Coaches under Education National Key Result Areas
  • Country Expert for Collaborative Learning through Lesson study (organised by UNESCO and University of Hiroshima, Japan)