Master of Education (Guidance & Counseling)

N/145/7/0018 (MQA/FA 1749)
Level of Study: 
Postgraduate Degree
Graduate School of Education

Programme Overview

Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling) is provide knowledge  and skills to the graduate of general education and specialization in Guidance and Counselling. General education covering the basic fields of education are qualitative research methods in education and quantitative research methods in education. Specialization guidance and counselling includes advanced theories of counselling, psychopathology, counselling across culture, group dynamics and practice, career development across lifespan, interventions in counselling, appraisal techniques in guidance  and counselling, professional ethics in guidance and counselling, advance career counselling, counselling children and adolescence, substance abuse counselling, advanced individual counselling, technology in guidance and counselling services, project paper and internship in guidance and counselling. They will also be equipped  with professional attitudes, good ethics and learning qualities, besides learning experience that motivates them to pursue lifelong learning.

Programme details