Micro-Credential Programmes

Our Micro-Credentials are bite-sized modules, with opportunities to specialise in fields of study that interest you.

What is a Micro-Credential?

 Micro-Credentials are designed with a specific learning path and involve studying a programme at your own pace in a mainly online environment.
In most cases, students pursue Micro-Credentials because they offer the flexibility for you to study at your own pace allowing you to complete a programme in your own time.

Why choose a Micro-Credential


A micro-credential course is shorter than your usual university course. It could be a small part of an accredited program or a stand-alone course.


Candidates are required to demostrate their development of knowledge, skills, and competencies in a specified targeted area. In doing so, candidates will be developing clear evidence or artefacts of learning “in-action”.


Upon successful completion of a micro-credential course, candidates are awarded with a digital certification. This could be in the form of a digital badge or a certificate.


Micro-credentials can be stacked towards a larger unit of competencies developed via a range of pathways. It means that a candidate may complete various micro-credential courses offered by one or many providers based n their own needs and at their own pace, then use them to apply for credit towards an accredited qualification.


One interesting thing to note:
Alongside micro-credentials, a candidate’s prior skills and work or life experiences may also be taken as credits towards an accredited program. This means that it is possible to use recognition of informal and non-formal learning, like your work experiences or completion of a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to seek qualifications.

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