UNITAR and Bank Islam Rallies the Upward Mobility Development Programme Cohort 2

Petaling Jaya – UNITAR International University and Bank Islam once again joined hands to champion the Upward Mobility Development Programme Cohort 2 at UNITAR’s main campus in Kelana Jaya. The event comprised over 40 employees from Bank Islam who were ready to escalate their careers to greater heights with the knowledge and industry skills from UNITAR.

This modern initiative by UNITAR and Bank Islam is practically designed to skyrocket the careers of high-potential non-executives, giving them a boost to supersede the booming demands of the industry and keep up with trending skills to reach the pinnacle of career success. Beyond individual career growth, the programme also seeks to enhance operational efficiency.

This 5-month programme includes a diverse array of modules encompassing soft skills, core skills and essential digital competencies. These modules include deep dives into areas such as Islamic Finance, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Digital Business, Excel Analytics, Business Communication, Professional English, and Fundamentals in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The approach that UNITAR utilises is meticulously prepared to foster a holistic development approach, ensuring that participants not only acquire technical expertise but also cultivate the interpersonal and strategic skills that are incredibly crucial for success in today’s ever evolving workforce.

By facilitating initiatives like the UNITAR & Bank Islam Upward Mobility Development Programme, we aim to empower individuals with the tools and insights needed for continuous growth, contributing to a workforce that is not only adept but also adaptable in an ever-evolving business environment. Get in touch with UNITAR to #AccelerateYourFuture today.

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