Petaling Jaya – UNITAR International University (“UNITAR”) celebrates Ramadan 2022 with a blast from the past as the University celebrates it’s 25th anniversary.

UNITAR was established in 1997 as the First Virtual University, and since then, has developed into a leading education institution in Malaysia. To commemorate these heights, UNITAR paid homage to the culture and tradition of the late 90s through its Ramadan celebrations.



Every morning throughout Ramadan, a Daily Prayer (Doa) was shared during the early morning period of Sahur – the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before Subuh prayer when fasting begins.  

We also celebrated with a series titled “Kongsi Hadis” with 4 episodes of Hadis readings shared by UNITAR’s staff.

UNITAR took a ride with Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly in their famous DeLorean time machine and travelled back into the 90s to fully immerse into a nostalgia-infused Ramadan.

We first partnered with Bingka KL to produce 90s-styled UNITAR Raya stickers, available now through Stickerly (https://sticker.ly/s/W8DAAG) and as GIFs on Giphy. These fun stickers highlight the most popular traditional Raya games such as Congkak and Gasing (Spinning Top) and favourite snacks from the late 90s with the extremely popular Mamee Monster noodle pack and the rare glass soda bottles.

We continued the nostalgia with a 5-episode series with UNITAR’s Vice Chancellor titled “Ramadan Reflections with Tan Sri Sahol Hamid”, where Tan Sri shared advice and point of view on several aspects of life and how to improve your personal well-being, based on his years of experience.

Finally, we concluded Ramadan celebrations with a collaborative effort between UNITAR’s School of Media, Art & Design (SMArD) and a UNITAR student to showcase 3 different ways the traditional Hijab can be worn.

UNITAR wishes everyone celebrating Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

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