5 Reasons for Pursuing Further Studies After SPM

At the crossroads of post-secondary school life, you have the choice of either applying for a job or pursuing higher education. Some may even opt for a year-long break to know what are the other things to do after SPM


If you decide to pursue your university studies, congratulations! The benefits of further studies will make a difference when you’re applying for a job in the future. 


Why do you want to continue your education after SPM? Read on to know some of the significant benefits of further studies:  


1.Getting Hired in a Competitive Job Market  

When you choose to pursue studies after SPM, you can be assured that employers are likely to hire you for your tertiary qualification especially in knowledge-based industries like programming and academics. To be a certified counsellor, for example, is to have a solid foundation in understanding the human psyche and the different counselling techniques through a Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling (Hons) programme. 


Most certainly, there are jobs out there that don’t require a university degree but a specific certification. For instance, you can pursue your career as a fitness instructor, property agent, event planner or flight attendant [1]. If these jobs don’t suit you long-term, it’s probably time to enrol in a degree programme for a career switch. 

2.Filling in the Knowledge Gap for Working Adults

For working adults, one of the many good reasons for pursuing further studies is to develop more advanced skills. Even though such individuals have entered the workforce immediately after secondary school, they can still work while pursuing a degree. With the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) assessment, working adults are given the opportunity to acquire a bigger knowledge base so that they can upskill and exhibit stronger problem-solving abilities, a higher level of productivity and better performance overall.   


3.Enhancing Your Soft Skills

Going to university means you’ll learn a lot more than just different management styles or how to create a good presentation. You’ll learn soft skills that are subtle and transferable which are crucial at any workplace. 


These soft skills include good communication, teamwork, negotiation, critical thinking and problem-solving. Each of these can add value to your future job whichever industry you apply in. 


4.Growing Your Social Network

Some of the impactful things to do after SPM is to make connections that will help you in your future career endeavours. At university, you can connect with university peers and lecturers on campus and no doubt they can become great career advisors and support. This is more evident for working adult students, where they can meet other students who come from various industries in a classroom setting. 


5.Boosting Your Confidence for Success 

There’s no denying that being a degree holder impresses the people around us, particularly employers and job recruiters. It boosts our confidence in mapping out our career pathways while applying for industries we have studied for.


Why do you want to continue your education? The reasons are clear. UNITAR has the best interest of SPM school leavers and working professionals at heart by offering career counselling, campus support, different study modes and more, so that everyone has an opportunity to earn a degree. Talk to our academic counsellors today for more information.   




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