Should I Take a Certificate in Business Studies?

The fundamentals of an educational journey take time, hard work, exposure, inspiration and progress in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a topic. Suppose you are committed to taking the leap of understanding business and the benefits of studying business studies, you can expect to learn the methodology for developing your operational and entrepreneurial skills. What are certificate courses, exactly? During the duration of a certificate course, students will learn and develop an entry-level understanding of a subject that will help them further their studies later in their diploma programme. 


When You Have a Passion for Business Studies, but Scored Low in SPM

One’s thought process after SPM is usually cluttered with questions like, “I have poor SPM results, what do I do next?” or if you are dead-set on gaining a Business Certificate, you may wonder what are the benefits of studying business studies. Let your passion lead the way! We at UNITAR understand the importance of doing what you love. By broadening the entry-level for the Business Studies certificate, it allows us to provide opportunities for candidates who can finally focus on the subjects that matter to them.  


When You Need to Fill Knowledge Gaps for Career Advancement 

When you reach a point of making a career switch or advancement before being employed within an industry, ask yourself,  why choose business studies instead of other certificate courses? One of the benefits of certificate courses is in regards to their duration which is relatively short in comparison to a diploma or a degree. The basics taught within a year and several months extra will act as an introduction to the business industry, so that you can make a decision in the end if you should venture on or switch to a different major. What certificate courses do, in a nutshell, is by using the duration of the semesters to properly integrate students, so they can be better prepared to take on a more advanced diploma programme. 


When Finances are Tight

Financial situations are tight these days after the pandemic. At UNITAR, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity for education. Our students are eligible for 100% waived certificate fees if you progress into UNITAR’s diploma programme with a CGPA of 3.0 or above. This opens doors as to why you should choose Business Studies if you are passionate about the subject, as it could potentially help you further your studies for higher education at an affordable price. Do not let poor SPM results stop you in your quest on what to do next



When You Want to Take Your Higher Ed Journey at a Slower Pace

Even if you decide not to pursue a business-related career, the knowledge and skills accumulated within the course can serve as inspiration that would be relevant to various industries, such as accounts, supply chain management, e-commerce and more. The benefits of a certificate course do not necessarily set in stone the pathway to further your studies in business but work as a checkpoint for you to carve out your career path. 


If you are thinking of enrolling yourself into a certificate programme, consider UNITAR’s Business Studies certificate. Our fine-tuned programme includes various perks and benefits that are packaged to fit every student’s needs, so that you can cover knowledge gaps and find your ideal occupational pathway.

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