Professional Programme in Business Analytics

professional program in business analytics

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Why UNITAR Academy?

Awards and Recognition


Best TVET Training Provider
(Upskilling, Reskilling & Cross-skilling)

UNITAR International Academy is honoured to be recognised as the Best TVET Training Provider (Upskilling, Reskilling & Cross-Skilling) at the prestigious Malaysia Education & TVET Awards 2023 in conjunction with ASEAN HR Excellence Awards 2023.

This recognition, presented by Yang Berhormat Tuan Mustapha Bin Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources Malaysia, is a testament to UNITAR’s commitment to enhancing skills and knowledge. It is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling, elevating UNITAR to new heights of educational excellence.

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Our Key Strengths

100% certified Master Trainers
20 Yeas of Industry Experience
214+ Courses Available
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Training and Human Capital Development Specialists

Accessible for management and technical skills.

Wide Spectrum of Programmes to Accommodate Lifelong Learning

Future-proofing students through Upskilling, Reskilling and Cross-skilling.

Smart Partnership in Providing Hands-On Solutions

Solving day-to-day business challenges by developing human capital and building brands.

Extensive Pool of Expert Trainers

Subjecting specific areas that serve organisations from numerous industries.

Nationwide Network

UNITAR has built a strong presence in over 11 locations around Malaysia.

Innovative Teaching and Learning Experience

All our programmes follow a ‘virtual learning’ approach comprising 3 components: Face-to-Face, Online and Customised Learning Environment.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for our academy programmes are split into two options:


The PTPK loan allows Malaysian Citizens to fund their micro-credentials at UNITAR through a loan. As part of this there are two parties, the fist is the person applying for the funding, the borrower, and the person who stands as the guarantor for the loan.

HRDF Claim Back

This option allows for you to get funded from your HRDF contributions. You apply for this funding through your employer. Our team of advisors can assist you with next steps.

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