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Application & Admissions

UNITAR International University (UNITAR) application for admission is open throughout the year. Semester intakes are in January, June and October.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Sales Department (SD)
UNITAR International University (UNITAR)
3-01A, Level 2, Tierra Crest
Jalan SS6/3, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7627 7200
Fax: +603 7627 7447

Payment Mode for Registration Fee

Before coming to Malaysia, All International students must settle the required registration fee and processing by:

  • Payment from overseas can be made at
  • Bank Draft, or
  • Credit Card

To expedite communication of proof of payment, it is important that students email copies of the bank-in slips, or Bank Draft together with details of the student’s name, nationality, passport number, contact number, email address, and programme offered by the University, to

Visa Application

General Guidelines

International Students are required to produce an Approval Letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia on entering the country and possess a valid Student Pass and/or Student Visa while studying in Malaysia. The International Students Office will assist new International Students in obtaining the Approval Letter and Student Pass and/or Student Visa.

ISO will ensure that students fulfil the entry requirements of the University in order to obtain the University acceptance/offer letter. Students must fully understand the terms of payment to the University and the immigration procedures of Malaysia.

*The Offer Letter will be issued upon verification of certified true copies of the following documents:

  • Academic Certificate(s)
    English Proficiency (i.e. TOEFL/IELTS) Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Application Form :
    – Undergraduate Programme
    – Postgraduate Programme

Once your acceptance to UNITAR is confirmed, you are required to obtain a “Student Visa” for the whole duration of your study in this University. You will need to submit the following documents for the purpose of processing your Student Visa:

  • 2 photocopies of UNITAR’s offer letter
  • 4 copies of your recent passport sized photographs with WHITE background
  • 2 photocopies of your passport (with more than 18 months validity)
  • Certified copies of your academic qualifications with certified translated copy in English (if applicable)
  • A certified copy of evidence of your English language proficiency (if applicable)
  • Payment

New Student Pass Application

Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

International Office will submit the completed documents to EMGS for VAL application. The processing time for VAL may require approximately 6-8 weeks. International Office will notify the student once the VAL is approved by EMGS.

Students must obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) from the nearest Malaysian Embassy except those who are from countries that are exempted from SEVs. Upon receiving your entry visa, you are to provide the University seven (7) working days prior to departing from your country, the following information:

  • Date of Arrival
  • Time of Arrival
  • Flight name and number
  • Airport name i.e Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or KLIA2 in Sepang

Representatives of the University will meet you at the airport to assist you in processing your entry visa at the Immigration checkpoint. Please submit your passport to the International Student Office to obtain your student visa sticker as soon as possible, after you have done your medical check-up in Malaysia.

Arrival Guidelines

Step 1: Pre Arrival

  • Students must settle the required advance payment (registration and accommodation) and ensure the arrival date is within the timeline set by the International Office.
  • Kindly seek advice from the International Office if students are unable to make travel arrangements within the timeline set by the international Office prior to flight confirmation to avoid any additional charges.
  • Students must email the Airport Arrival Form seven (7) days before arrival with the proof of flight ticket.
  • Students are reminded that the airport Immigration MAY NOT release students without a UNITAR representative present. Therefore, Airport Arrival notification is important.
  • UNITAR will not bear any responsibility if the above instructions are not adhered to by the students.

Pre Arrival Checklist

1. Important documents to bring along:

  • Passport
  • Flight ticket
  • Driver’s License (optional)
  • Acceptance letter and Immigration Approval letter
  • Original Academic
  • Qualification transcript in English (compulsory)
  • Personal toiletries (toothbrush, comb, deodorant, etc)
  • Bed linen (sheet and pillow case) – 1 set
  • Adapter plugs (220 – 240 volts / 50 cycle AC system)
  • Basic stationery
  • Receipts / proof of payments
  • Important phone numbers

*It is wise to keep clear photocopies of important documents (e.g. Offer and Acceptance Letters, Academic certificates, Qualifications, receipts, passport, ID cards, etc

2. Finance:

  • Have sufficient Malaysian Ringgit on hand upon arrival to ensure that you do not face financial problems during the transition period before you settle in.
  • A credit card will be handy. It is advisable that money should be brought into Malaysia in travellers cheques for safety. Ideally it should cover at least the first month’s expenses. Three (3) months will be best. It should cover your daily expenses such as food and important items like accommodation costs, books and stationery.

Step 2: Arrival

  • Kindly proceed to the Student Waiting Area upon arrival as the Malaysian Immigration Department requires higher education institution staff to release the student from the airport.
  • Students are reminded that the airport Immigration MAY NOT release students without a UNITAR representative present.
  • If possible, students are advised to purchase a Malaysia SIM Card and call the UNITAR representative upon arrival.
  • The UNITAR representative will carry a UNITAR sign and wear a UNITAR T-shirt.
  • Students will be sent to the UNITAR Residence (if requested) or transportation will be provided to the University upon Immigration release.

Arrival Checklist

Once you have arrived, you need to:

  • Contact your family to let them know that you have arrived safely
  • Obtain/activate a local mobile phone service
  • Explore public transportation options
  • Find your local hypermarket, restaurant, pharmacy and shopping mall

Step 3: Post – Arrival
Medical Check up:

  • Students must report to the UNITAR International Office on the next business day for a medical check-up.
  • The International Office staff will transport students to the designated clinic for a medical check-up.
  • The International Office will contact students for registration once the medical check-up status is updated in the EMGS portal.


  • Students must bring along their original transcript and original visa approval letter for registration.
  • Students with IELTS/TOEFL may proceed with their registered programme and those without IELTS/TOEFL are required to take the UNITAR English Placement Test.
  • Students are advised to collect the Student Confirmation Letter from UNITAR to open a bank account upon registration.

Passport Submission:

  • Students are required to submit their passports immediately for Student Sticker endorsement once they have completed the process of opening a bank account.
  • Students are advised not to make any travel plans out of Malaysia during this time.
  • Failure to hand-in their passports for endorsement means students have overstayed and might be classified as illegal immigrants by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

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