UNITAR Welcomes Former UNITARians to Attend Grand Alumni Gala Night Dinner

Petaling Jaya – Taking a blast from the past, UNITAR International University celebrated its former students by hosting the UNITAR Alumni Gala Night Dinner 2023. The grand celebration was organised to celebrate and unite former UNITARians, acknowledging their commitment, contribution, and continued support to the university’s growth.

The event saw former students bonding with friends of the same batch along with present UNITARians, who also took the opportunity to network with UNITAR’s Alumni who have made a name for themselves in the industry today. As it should be, the night was filled with exciting performances, laughter and sharing sessions with our valued Alumni.

In addition to celebrating our Alumni, we introduced UNITAR’s inaugural Alumni Award to recognise outstanding high performers who have attained stand-out achievements while studying with us. Together, we aimed to honour qualities and values reflected through these award categories:

  • Social Impact Award 
  • Entrepreneurship Award  
  • Arts & Culture Award  
  • Sports & Recreational Award  
  • Innovation & Technology Award  

UNITAR would like to express its profound gratitude to our remarkable Alumni for joining us on this incredible night of gala and fun. As we fondly cherish this bond, we look forward to creating more wonderful memories with our Alumni as they go on to serve the nation with their invaluable knowledge and credibility.


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