UNITAR Welcomes Toyota to Host GR Velocity Experiential & Talent Scouting Tour at Main Campus

Petaling Jaya,  31 May 2023 – UNITAR International University welcomed Toyota to host their GR Velocity Experiential & Talent Scouting Tour as part of the GR Velocity Esports Championship at its main campus in Kelana Jaya. In search of their next winning racer, the Talent Scouting Tour by Toyota was designed to encourage young thrill-seekers to participate in the world of motorsports as simulator racers.

Held annually since 2018, this simulator racing challenge encouraged young students from UNITAR to tap into their racing interests and experience simulator racing as it is. The programme introduced healthy and positive competition among varsity students who have long awaited such motorsport opportunities.

The GR Velocity Team flagged off at UNITAR on 31 May and 1 June 2023. Racers who reached the finish line first stood a chance to race in the main event of the Gazoo Racing Vios Challenge Series under its Rookie Class category. Toyota mentioned that for the last two seasons in 2021 and 2022, simulator racers have emerged as grand champions under its Rookie Class category.

This year, Toyota Gazoo Racing hosted the GR Velocity Esports Championship in its 6th consecutive season. With more than 1,000 online racers per season, Toyota continues to fuel excitement with a whopping 3 million online viewers and 40,000 spectators to date. In addition to gaining excellent traction from its audience, this high-octane championship offers up to RM70,000 prize monies.

Through the GR Velocity Esports Championship, Toyota sought to establish the following objectives:

  • In support of simulator racing as a sport & profession
  • Facilitating the transition from virtual to real-world racing
  • Encouraging the participation of youths in motorsports
  • Bringing motorsports to the masses

In collaboration with Toyota, UNITAR is confident that our students have gained invaluable experiences through this initiative, especially among those who have been long thrilled by such an opportunity. In anticipation of future events, UNITAR is committed to organising more such partnerships with other well-renowned brands for all our students.


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