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5 Non-Mental Health Career Options for Psychology Graduates

Psychology is a very popular degree option – the unique syllabus alone is a huge factor for its attraction, and despite the misconception that there are limited careers for psychology graduates, there is actually a vast variety of jobs you can get with a Bachelor’s in psychology. Many students are genuinely interested in psychology as a subject but have no intention to pursue a career in mental healthcare. The good news is psychology majors are equipped with a unique skill set that enables them to pursue jobs that require an understanding of the human psyche and behaviour.

Here are five alternative careers for psychology majors:


1.Human Resource Executive 

If you are someone who is great at vetting people and delegating jobs that suit their skills, knowledge, and interests, you may be a perfect candidate as a human resources executive. Besides handling administrative activities such as employee remuneration, benefits, education, and incentives, human resource executives also ensure that both new and existing employees are happy with their jobs. The very core of a human resources executive is understanding human nature and leveraging the knowledge gained to optimise employee function within the organisation – which makes it one of the best job opportunities for psychology graduates.


2.Special Education Therapist 

One of the most rewarding psychology career options is to become a special education therapist. For those who genuinely enjoy spending time with children and teaching them, especially those with special needs, becoming a special education therapist would be a suitable job for them. Special education therapists take into consideration the needs of individual children and tailor specific therapeutic measures to suit them – helping them to reach their optimal potential.


3.Advertising & Media Executive

In the era of the internet and social media, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there are advertisements everywhere, for anything, from a thumbtack to a tractor. If you are a fan of Thai commercials, you probably know that advertisements are a powerful tool to drive business and brand awareness. The people behind them know exactly what appeals to a certain demographic and will encourage them to purchase. To do this, understanding the human psyche is essential – making the role of advertising & media executive one of the top job opportunities for psychology graduates.


4. User Experience (UX) Analyst

If you are a highly technical person with a penchant for big data, this is one of the jobs you can get with a Bachelor’s in psychology. A UX Analyst will study the data obtained to analyse a user’s behaviour and experience in order to tailor the best experience for them, and this requires a critical and analytic understanding of consumerism and human behaviour. In the age where most human experience is lived online, those seeking alternative careers for psychology majors may want to consider this as a career.


5. Sales Professional

People in sales need to be persuasive and convincing in order to complete a sale. The concept of sales is not merely exchanging products, goods, and services for cash – it also involves understanding customer demands and providing solutions to consumers’ problems.

To put it simply, there are many careers for psychology graduates out there that do not involve mental healthcare. There are many transferable skills obtained with a degree in psychology, which are highly valued in many industries.


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