How to Motivate Yourself to Study? Here are 4 Tips

Whether it’s a pop quiz or a final exam, each of us is eager to score with flying colours. Some of us, however, may find it difficult to motivate ourselves to study especially if the big day isn’t so soon. 

Sounds like what you’re facing right now? Here are 4 ways to motivate yourself to study.


 1.Set study priorities for the day

Sometimes, our over-eagerness gets the best of us and we want to prioritise everything. More often than not, this approach sabotages us from the very start. To help us achieve our exam goals, we have to be realistic with our time.

Which study priority is really a priority? Supposedly you’re pursuing a Bachelor of Education (Hons) and sitting for an exam on it, you can allocate study time for “Pedagogy in Education” today, and set aside “Psychology of Learning” for tomorrow so that you can rest adequately. Regardless of how you prioritise, make sure it’s done in a way that motivates you to study and enjoy the process of it.


 2. Choose a conducive place to study

What kind of environment keeps you in the zone? According to several studies, one of the ways to motivate yourself to study more efficiently lies in the level of background noise. Instead of asking, “Is background noise good for studying?”, a more precise question should be, “How much noise is okay when completing a specific task?”

For instance, when we’re learning or analysing difficult materials, our brains process information significantly quicker without ambient noise [1]. In fact, studying with ambient noise that is particularly loud or grating can negatively affect our health with an increase in blood pressure and stress levels [2].

At times, we need to get creative with how to find the motivation to study in a noisy environment you can’t escape. If you’re in such a place, it’s best to invest in noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds for better concentration.

As for tasks that require an extra boost of creativity, having music or background noise may help [3], or when we’re bored by what we’re studying.


3.Study alone or with peers

Among the self-motivation study tips for students is to decide if you’re going to study solo or in a group. There are pros and cons to each of them.

Those who opt to study alone will have fewer distractions. That’s a common risk when studying with friends. It’s easy to lose track of time and end up procrastinating. Many students who study alone can also enjoy their own study pace to understand a concept thoroughly before moving to the next one.

Nonetheless, group studying can be helpful too. There’s an element of accountability whenever one member decides to drift into something non-academic related. In this scenario, the others can give a nudge and get the person back on track. It’s one of the indirect tips on how to find the motivation to study.

Another benefit to group studying is when there are doubts about a concept to be cleared, and asking each other can help with understanding the subject better. 


4.Join a student club or activity to take a break

Nobody is built to study day and night, not even the brightest students. Learning how to motivate yourself to study consistently comes with appreciating your effort and taking a break afterwards.

And what better way to take a break than to join a student club or society? UNITAR has exciting student clubs and societies to participate in to make every student’s study life a holistic experience.

These self-motivation tips for students serve as a basic academic guide in university life. Interested in studying at a vibrant higher education institution with a track record of academic excellence? Consider UNITAR International University today!







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