What is a DBA, Should i Study It?

After completing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme, students may be interested in enrolling for the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme. The management programme is primarily concerned with the professional growth of students who are considering or have already been hired for managing positions. Knowledge of enhancing or developing solutions to certain problems would be among the key abilities acquired over the course of the programme. Students of the DBA course usually have several years of experience in managerial roles. The DBA programme acts as a level-up for students who want to achieve the credentials and knowledge needed in the business administration field. Listed below are 4 benefits of taking up the DBA programme:


 1. Helping entrepreneurs understand the finer details of starting a new business

On paper, the benefits of having achieved a Doctorate in Business Administration serve as evidence that you have invested the effort and time into your craft. Customers, clients and stakeholders would take your advice more seriously having acquired the highest academic qualification in business administration. However, the programme also prepares you to build and manage your own business if needed. Entrepreneurs would be able to convert theoretical knowledge into practice while also sharpening their prior management experience. Students will be assigned projects that will greatly prepare them for what they might face once they have started their business or are hired for a management role.


2. Knowing the right strategy to utilise the company’s resources and capacity

To the untrained eye, opportunity does not show itself amongst the noise of projects and accounts. The benefits of having a Doctorate in Business Administration programme upskill students to be aware of their resources and utilise them in the most strategic manner. Students will also be studying long-term planning, which can further fortify their business goals and strategy.


3. Exposing to analytical concepts and tools for efficient operation management

Throughout the study duration, students enrolled in the DBA programme can expect coursework, doctorate seminars, and a research dissertation as part of their overall preparation for operations management. Concepts and analytical tools will also be explored with industry professionals which would include on-field insights and ingenuity garnered from experience.


4. Essentially learning how to carry out a business transformation.

Students will be able to analyse and implement the most strategic Business Transformation process to fit the business they own. The transformations include altering processes, systems, technology and people to better function as a unit. By changing the corporate landscape, students are essentially building a more direct ecosystem in order to properly target the desired response either commercially or within their industry. Students who wish to pursue their education at UNITAR International University will have the advantage of taking an interactive tour of the five key technologies transforming industries and commerce.

Additionally, UNITAR provides a part-time DBA programme that can be completed in 4 to 8 years. Entrepreneurs will get to simultaneously apply what they have learned and acquire new methods of management in the DBA programme. To accommodate students’ preferences, the programme is also made available on campus and online. Establish a firm grounding in the business and management field and take off with UNITAR’s DBA programme today!

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