Refund Policy

  1. All sales are final.
  2. For any change request, a written notification must be sent to at least 7 days before the course commencement date for processing.                          
  3. UNITAR reserves the right to cancel or postpone any of the Micro-Credential Courses. A full refund of fee will be made to the learners if a replacement cannot be arranged under unforeseen circumstances.      

Terms and Conditions

1. I sincerely declare and acknowledge the following:

(i) THAT I am of legal age, of sound mind and qualified to form a binding contract to receive services either directly from UNITAR or through a UNITAR partnership with any other third-party, where applicable;

(ii) THAT the information provided by me in this form and all relevant supporting documents is true and accurate;

(iii) THAT UNITAR reserves the right to amend or reverse any decision regarding admission that is made on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information or non-attainment of minimum entry requirements, including pre-requisite results to enrol into a programme, where applicable; and

(iv) THAT I have read and understood the above conditions and agree to fully accept them.

2. I fully understand and shall adhere to the following terms for the entire study duration:

(i) I shall abide by the laws of this country;

(ii) I shall abide by the rules and regulations of UNITAR, the student discipline rules and any other rules and regulations in force or made from time to time;

(iii) I shall uphold the good name of UNITAR at all times and be equally responsible to protect the property and facilities of UNITAR from being damaged or destroyed by me or anyone else;

(iv) I shall not be involved in any undesirable activity that will interfere with the administrative and/or academic function of UNITAR;

(v) I shall devote my time to be active in my studies and shall fulfill all educational conditions required;

(vi) I shall not commit any act, whether directly or indirectly, that shall infringe on the intellectual property right or the copyright of the University and/or any other third party; and

(vii) I shall not disclose any confidential information relating to, and which have been clearly marked as confidential by, UNITAR.

3. I consent and authorise UNITAR to do the following:

(i) Process my and/or any other person’s personal data, where applicable, in accordance with the UNITAR Personal Data Protection Notice found on;

(ii) Verify my academic records from previous institutions and/or my work experience from past employers; and (iii) Release the details of my fees and academic progress to my parents, guardian and/or  any other sponsoring body upon request and where applicable.

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