Dr. Sarina Mohamad Nor

Dr. Sarina graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) in 2003 and a Master of Management (IT) in 2006. She worked as a graduate assistant at UPM’s Graduate School of Management after finishing her Master’s degree until 2008, when she joined Universiti Tun Abdul Razak as executive business and development.

She decided to change her career as a lecturer in 2009 due to her enthusiasm for teaching and research. Dr. Sarina has been teaching students at several universities, including Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Segi University College, Nilai University and City University of College Science and Technology. At City University, she also served as the head of the business school department until she joined Unitar International University in 2016. While working, she pursued her PhD as a part-time student at Universiti Putra Malaysia, where she awarded her PhD in Tourism Economics in 2019. She also a member of Malaysia Economic Association (MEA).

At Unitar International University, Dr. Sarina Mohamad Nor works as a lecturer and master coordinator programme, Faculty of Business and Technology. She is an enthusiastic lecturer and researcher with 14 years of teaching and 11 years of research experience. She teaches Economics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, and Research Methodology at the Diploma, Bachelor, and Master levels. She has been engaged in research and publication since 2018. Her current research interests include tourism economics, indigenous tourism, homestays, the sharing economy, and the gig economy. She also supervises Master’s and PhD students. 14 master’s students have already completed their project papers under her supervision.

PhD (Tourism Economics), Universiti Putra Malaysia
Master of Management (IT), Universiti Putra Malaysia
Bachelor of Economics (Business Management) (Hons),Universiti Putra Malaysia

Specialization: Sharing Economics, Tourism Economics, Homestay

E-mail: sarina@unitar.my

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Pending Publication:

1. Sarina Mohamad Nor, Salbiah Abd Rahman, Haliza Mohd Said & Samiah Rashid Ali. (2021). Indigenous Tourism Development in Kuala Kangsar District: A Case of Habitat, Heritage History and Handicrafts.

2. Sarina Mohamad Nor & Khairil Wahidin Awang. (2021). Community Capacity Building and Participation Level of Registered Homestay Operators Towards Homestay Performance in Selangor, Malaysia.

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