Bank Islam’s Upward Mobility Programme Participants Graduate at UNITAR’s Main Campus

Petaling Jaya – In collaboration with Bank Islam, UNITAR International University (“UNITAR”) hosted Bank Islam’s Upward Mobility Graduation Ceremony on 7 August 2023 at its Main Campus in Kelana Jaya. This graduation was in celebration of the unwavering efforts and accomplishments of over 38 graduates from the government sector who participated in the Bank Islam Upward Mobility Programme.

The programme was organised to powerfully allow executives from the government sector to take their careers to the next level while honing their workforce knowledge under Bank Islam’s non-executive category. Participants who joined UNITAR’s 5-month programme were instilled with leading skills and highly sought-after knowledge for a successful and lucrative career embarkment journey.

Skyrocketing their career to greater heights, the Bank Islam Upward Mobility Programme was effectively packed and loaded with a variety of soft skills, core skills, digital skills and development modules consisting of Emotional and Social Intelligence, Business Communication (Professional English), Team Playing Leadership, Islamic Finance and Digital Business modules.

UNITAR extends its sincere congratulations to all 38 government sector graduates from the Bank Islam Upward Mobility Programme. As drivers of sustainable and industry-leading education, UNITAR is confident that all graduates under the Bank Islam Upward Mobility Programme have become a true testament to this holistic initiative and are ready to storm ahead as capable leaders.


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