4 Benefits of Joining a Club or Society at University

The majority of universities offer extra-curricular opportunities for students to play and bond during their spare time. Due to recent events, many have switched to virtual clubs for students to stay connected. 


Hesitant to browse the list of university clubs and societies? Don’t be! Here are 4 irreplaceable benefits of joining a club or society at university


1.Make New Friends 

One of the more obvious reasons for joining a club is to make new friends, especially when you’re in your first year. The best place to start is during orientation week when lecturers and seniors would be there to greet and show you around. You’ll get the chance to see all the clubs and societies available for you to sign up for those that pique your interest.


University clubs and societies are undoubtedly among the easiest ways to make new friends because there are activities to keep everyone occupied. It’s hard to feel awkward when all members are focused on the agenda of the day. 


2.Discover New Interests 

Even though it’s natural to gravitate towards clubs of your main interest, keep an open mind for those that may spark a new interest! For example, you enjoy playing e-sports and there’s a university club for it. Instead of being a member of only that one club, why not look for one that will also help with your future career like joining the IT club? There’ll be Microsoft Office workshops, coding and other digital-related activities for you to learn and enhance your digital skills. And who knows? You might fall in love with IT along the way. 


3.Maintain Good Mental Health 

Joining a group can be really fun because you’ll be in a group of like-minded people. It’s also easy to find peer support whenever you need advice and encouragement as you pursue your degree. University friendships play a major role in student retention. 


Now that there are increasing numbers of virtual clubs for students, it’s very convenient to stay in touch with the presence of a stable internet connection. Mental health declines when students begin to isolate themselves socially and let their minds idle. What greater way to keep the mind active and happy than to participate in physical or online clubs for students


4.Add to Your Resume 

Among the reasons for joining a club at university is that it can showcase your personality, leadership and expertise on your future resume. Employers aren’t only impressed with first-class honours, but they also want to know the candidate’s hobbies and interests. In other words, they want to know your life outside academia.


So why not take this opportunity to participate in physical or online clubs for students for personal development, knowledge and skillset enhancement in addition to building a solid credential for your internship and full-time career?   

The benefits of joining a society at university are life-changing, and you may even want to continue supporting it after graduation. UNITAR is a student-centred community where higher education isn’t only about pursuing a degree. Join UNITAR’s fun and supportive student community by participating in any of our clubs and societies

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