Flexibility and convenience of online learning


Online learning is the most recent fad in the education industry due to the current movement restrictions set in Malaysia. As COVID-19 takes its toll on the global scale, the priority is the health and safety of all people. With that being said, it is great to see the education industry transition from the conventional classroom setting to fully online platforms. This change has benefitted thousands of students who were in the middle of their education journeys right when COVID-19 hit. It is important to note that online learning did not just occur in the year 2020. In fact, it has been a prevalent aspect for many learners in the digital era.

Ease of Access

The greatest factor about online learning is the ease of access to all the educational materials. Due to the sophistication of modern technology, course content can be accessed through a smartphone with an Internet connection. You could listen to a lecture on your commute to and from work, or even while you are at the gym trying to burn off calories!

At UNITAR, lecturers who teach the online programmes record their live E-facilitation sessions to ensure their students do not miss out on any content. For our Postgraduate programmes, E-facilitations are scheduled in the evenings to cater to the schedule of the average working adult. For Undergraduates, live classes occur during the daytime when the young mind is highly alert and eager to learn.


With online learning, a level of balance is needed to achieve optimum results. While the ease of access is a fantastic component, online learning has its drawbacks. The common problem is keeping high levels of concentration when several distractions are a few clicks away. The average student will open a new tab and start Googling the most random information that tends to spiral into an unnecessary number of open tabs.

While distractions are difficult to eliminate, it is also important to achieve a proper balance amongst the following three aspects: the student, the professional, and the personal life. Online programmes are a great solution for the adult who wants to take the next step in their career by enhancing their academic qualifications while maintaining the structure of their personal commitments. Many employers reserve funds for their employees to upskill themselves via online programmes to remain relevant in their fields.


Online learning is designed to be flexible and convenient for the average student– whether it is an 18-year-old fresh from taking the SPM exams or a 40-year-old looking to climb the corporate ladder. We are extremely fortunate to have highly advanced technology that allows online learning to be accessible 24/7. We hope you explore our online platforms to get a better understanding of how this mode of study can be catered to your needs.

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