5 Reasons Why East Malaysian Students Choose UNITAR

Reasons East Malaysian Students Choose to Study at UNITAR

Getting quality higher education is one of the stepping stones to a fulfilling career path. As the first virtual university in Southeast Asia, UNITAR has a strong presence with campuses and satellite campuses spread throughout Malaysia.

With 2 satellite campuses in East Malaysia, it offers more tertiary institutions for students in Sabah and Sarawak to choose from. Besides that, here are 5 other reasons why UNITAR is a good university to pursue higher studies! 


1.Close to home

Studying near home is among the popular reasons for choosing a particular university. Students who prefer to study close to home will save on commuting costs as well as on rental and food. Other than that, they may find it more comfortable to study in their hometown — where they know the best restaurants to eat, recreational places to hang out and less congested driving routes to take. Moreover, they can be near their families to take care of them as well as prevent homesickness completely. 

Check out our satellite campuses below:



  • Pusat Wilayah UNITAR International University Kota Kinabalu



  • Pusat Wilayah UNITAR International University Kuching



 2. Courses taught by quality educators

Everybody wants a higher education that is accredited and industry-relevant. If there’s a major reason why East Malaysian students should choose this university, it’s definitely UNITAR’s extensive accreditation.

We have been accredited for learning, teaching and course delivery by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). ASIC is an independent UK quality assurance body specialising in the institutional accreditation of education providers worldwide.

The accreditation is not simply a one-off award; ASIC offers quality enhancement and consultancy services to accredited institutions like UNITAR.

Because of our top-tier educators and ASIC’s continuous support, UNITAR Malaysia has a consistent rate of over 92% employability among our graduates. In fact, we have been recognised as the “Employer’s Top Choice” by Talentbank in 2021.


3.Being the first private virtual university in Malaysia

Is UNITAR a good university? You bet! We are the first private virtual university in Malaysia that holds a QS 5-Star rating for online learning.

Due to recent events, there’s an irreplaceable need for quality online learning to ensure the continuation of study. At UNITAR, students will:


  • Be scheduled for an audio/video call or in-person appointment with their respective faculty members to discuss their academic progress
  • Provided fully online learning materials (e-textbooks and assessments)
  • Receive live-streamed teaching/seminars
  • Have access to pre-recorded course videos
  • Learn at a flexible pace


By offering conventional and remote teaching, it makes UNITAR a conducive higher learning institution for further studies.


4.Affordable education

In alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, UNITAR provides comprehensive academic courses for students coming from different socio-economic levels.

Hence, UNITAR students are given the opportunity to apply for various financial aid and scholarships based on eligibility criteria to make their higher education journey an affordable one.


5.Prioritise student interest & welfare

University life isn’t meant to be a solitary one. Similar to other higher education institutions, UNITAR believes in communal support and bonding through student clubs and societies. For example, the UNITAR Borneo Student Society (UBS) is a platform for students from Sabah and Sarawak to introduce their culture to the UNITARian members.

Need more reasons for choosing a particular university like UNITAR? Reach out to us today for more info!


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