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After completing your secondary school and having obtained your SPM, IGCSE or O level results, the next step is to pursue a bachelor’s degree as it’s the minimum academic qualification for most companies today. 


Before you can enrol for a bachelor’s degree programme, you’ll have to complete a pre-university course beforehand. One of the most common pre-u courses students in Malaysia go for is foundation studies


What Are Foundation Studies

What is a foundation programme in university? Foundation studies are what they are — to lay the foundational knowledge and skills to prepare you for a bachelor’s degree study. People who opt to study foundation typically take 12 months to complete. If you’re thinking of applying for a foundation programme after SPM, you will: 


  • Study the subjects related to the undergraduate programme you plan to take. 
  • Be on a quicker pre-u route to graduate as compared to A-levels and diplomas. 
  • Pay less for a foundation programme due to the short study duration. 
  • Acquire problem-solving skills, presentation skills and other transferable skills which will be valuable in the workplace.
  • Learn and practice the ability to structure your thoughts, rationalise logically, and communicate your opinions clearly. 
  • Have a better command of the English language as it’s the medium of instruction.  


Pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree With UNITAR

At UNITAR International University, there are three education pathways leading to a bachelor’s degree programme: Foundation studies, APEL and diploma programmes. If you choose to study foundation after SPM, you will have to complete a combination of coursework and examination so that you can later progress to an undergraduate programme related to your foundation studies


We offer Foundation in Arts, Foundation in Information Technology and Foundation in Management! Prefer to apply for an online foundation? Check out our Foundation in Management – Online.  


How UNITAR’s Foundation Bundling Works 

UNITAR’s Foundation Bundling offers a rebate for existing UNITAR foundation students who progress from foundation to bachelor’s degree in the next available intake. In other words, the rebate is awarded in the form of tuition fee deduction from the undergraduate degree course. 


The tuition fee deduction of the undergraduate programme is evenly spread out across each semester.

Choosing to study foundation after SPM is a good academic and financial choice. With Foundation Bundling rebate, PTPTN and other financial aid, UNITAR is the go-to university in Malaysia that makes foundation programmes and other university courses affordable. Reach out to us today!

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