Should You Further Your Studies?

Always wanted to obtain your master’s but life kept getting in the way? How are you going to start studying again with all your existing commitments? Is there a flexible enough programme that can accommodate your needs and responsibilities?

Don’t worry, because UNITAR International University provides postgraduate courses that help you get your master’s and advance your career. Below are a few reasons you should do your master’s at UNITAR.

1. Career progression

In current society, having a bachelor’s degree brings you to a point in your career, beyond which you need a postgraduate qualification to further advance. At UNITAR, when you graduate with a bachelor’s degree or diploma, you graduate as an industry-ready professional who can readily contribute to your chosen workplace. If you want to be in the top of your game in your 50s, however, a postgraduate course should be in your cards.

UNITAR’s postgraduate degrees are offered as a way to smash the glass ceiling that comes with only having an undergraduate qualification, as well as provide skill enrichment and expertise diversification. Whether you choose to gain work experience after your bachelor’s studies or proceed to a master’s programme upon graduation, UNITAR provides courses for all your wants.

2. Becoming a field expert

When you obtain your master’s, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of your speciality and career focus. The qualification suggests expertise and credibility in a particular field and allows you to progress within your field. The specific knowledge you’ll possess in your field will increase your proficiency in a certain discipline, which then gives you an advantage at a time where many employers are raising their educational requirement for emerging positions.

3. Open the door to opportunities

Besides that, if you’re thinking of migrating overseas or relocating within the country, having a master’s gives you that freedom. Most employers around the world want qualified, capable people, and, as a master’s holder, you could be an attractive enough candidate to employers.

4. A sense of personal accomplishment

All those nights of hard work and dedication have finally paid off and having a master’s qualification is certainly something you should be proud of. When you have a master’s, you have more value as an industry expert. Receiving your master’s won’t only give you a greater confidence in your academic prowess, but also improve your ability to complete professional duties and move towards leadership positions.

With three learning modes for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme offered at UNITAR: online, conventional and blended, students can choose their preferred mode so they may continue learning, social, work, personal and family activities. Under the programme, students take 10 subjects with 90% coursework and 10% examination weightage. Apply with APEL (C), which allows you to transfer credits to UNITAR’s MBA programme, effectively reducing your credit hours and letting you complete the programme in as few as 10 months.

In addition, you can convert your prior work experience to entry under APEL (A). With the right qualifications and sufficient work experience, you can pursue UNITAR’s MBA even if you lack certain academic certifications. To sweeten the honeypot, UNITAR affordably offers this programme starting from RM10,000.

Other than that, UNITAR provides free learning resources, including e-textbooks from McGraw-Hill and case studies from Ivey Publishing, which are also used at renowned business schools.

For those who need financial aid, UNITAR offers various scholarships and also accepts applicants who are funded via the EPF Account II Withdrawal. You can also claim the cost of your chosen UNITAR master’s programme from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). Also available are 0% instalment plans under CIMB, Maybank Berhad and Hong Leong Bank credit cards.

In addition, for postgraduate students to obtain real-world experiences, UNITAR holds frequent industry roundtables with industry experts and leaders. During these immersive sessions, students present projects to invited industry experts and receive feedback as well as guidance, in line with UNITAR’s commitment to provide its students with relevant, current exposure.

This also helps UNITAR ensure its course contents are relevant and current. All UNITAR programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. With the flexible facilities and entry methods available at UNITAR, you are sure to have no problem getting that master’s qualification.

With 11 locations throughout Malaysia (one in almost every state), including in Sabah and Sarawak as well as its main campus in Kelana Jaya, it is a neighbourhood university with highest-quality offerings. UNITAR prides itself on weaving its C.A.R.E. principles (Collaborative, Adaptive, Reflective, Entrepreneurial) into its syllabi and students.

If you are interested in the education field, UNITAR also offers the Master of Education in flexible learning mode. In fact, you can expect more online programmes from UNITAR such as the online Bachelor in Education programme, offered in line with UNITAR’s efforts to provide more options and flexibility to those who are considering furthering their studies.

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