Staying Focused for Online Learning

During the Movement Control Order set by the Malaysian Government, some of our students were worried about continuing their education journey. The government had enforced that all university campuses would have to remain closed indefinitely. That being said, UNITAR is glad that we did not have to put a pause on our students’ learning.

Being the first Virtual University in Southeast Asia, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt our classes to our online learning platform. This enabled our students to continue their learning journey with a little adaptation. The traditional classroom has its perks but there is also the problem of distractions. When you’re with your friends in class, it may be hard to give 100% focus on the lecturer.

The online platform comes with a different set of distractions. With the Internet right at your fingertips, the urge to open a new tab to visit your favourite websites is enticing. Common distractions such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram come to mind. The most important factor is to remember the overall goal: You are studying for a reason.

Here’s a few helpful tips to stay focused:

  1. Start your day right! – take a shower, exercise, eat breakfast
  2. Organize your day – make a List of things to accomplish and set a schedule
  3. Find a quiet area with minimal distractions – Don’t sit by a window, or in your living room with the TV on
  4. Be comfortable – Wear comfortable clothes, sit in a cool area with air-con/fan
  5. Take breaks every hour – rest your eyes from the computer screen (But don’t take breaks with your phones, it defeats the purpose!!)

We hope these tips will help your daily routines as you get yourself adjusted with online learning!

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