What Are the In-Demand Tech Careers in 2022?

The tech industry is known for its ever-changing landscape. New development and updates occur almost daily, while major changes take place yearly. All these changes cause a butterfly effect as professions need to move with the times and stay relevant. Even during the slowdown in tech development in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were updates and improvements made to many industries’ cloud systems and online tools. Listed below are the hottest in-demand tech careers of 2022, with their expected annual salary:

Top 5 In-Demand Tech Jobs

 1. Information Security Analyst

Tech information security analysts are among the most hyped and in-demand jobs in 2022. The job scope for this profession requires analysts to strategise and perform security measures to safeguard the computer networks and systems of an organisation. Information security analysts commonly work for consulting firms, computer companies, financial and business-centric organisations.

Annual Expected Salary: est. RM70k


2. Software Developer

The job scope for software developers mainly revolves around programming, designing, building, maintaining, and deploying software applications. The profession also involves aiding in the setup and building of power networks and devices so that systems operate at optimal levels 3. In fact, software development is currently the most in-demand tech job in Malaysia.

Annual Expected Salary: est. RM40k


3. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are tasked with writing, modifying, testing codes and scripts that make applications and computer software function as intended. In layman’s terms, computer programmers create instructions for systems to follow. Most computer programmers mainly operate in office settings. Computer programmers are placed at the top of the in-demand list for tech jobs as the reliance on applications increases by the year. Computer programming also provides the additional career path of venturing into game development, which has seen a rise in demand from Generation Z.

Annual Expected Salary: est. RM40k 

4. Web Developer

People who are interested in a tech career in web development should expect to create, design and maintain websites.  Web developers should be able to put themselves in the shoes of the average target browser for their website and optimise its design. The user-friendly portal might be accessed by customers, coworkers, clients, or other parties. The design aspect mainly comes from incorporating elements of media such as videos, images and other relevant content. Although Web Development and Computer Programming may have their similarities, Web Developers typically perform less complex tasks.

Annual Expected Salary: est. RM30k

5. Help Desk Professional

Help desk professionals offer a more unique perspective on the tech industry. The job scope blends customer service skills and technical expertise which would aid external clients or internal employees. The installation of software and hardware for internal employees and resolving IT-related issues are usually done by help desk professionals. Additionally, customer service help desk professionals are also tasked with virtually or in-person customer support.

Annual Expected Salary: est. RM40k

Most tech jobs in Malaysia are seeing an increase in demand due to the convergence of businesses switching to a more cloud-based system. However, with the attractive salary package comes years of education and training. Luckily for you, UNITAR International University offers both of the required courses for you to chase your dream tech job. Our Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) – Online programmes will prepare you for the industry by providing you with the necessary skills and equipment, as well as the ability to keep up with the times.

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