The Research and Consultancy Centre of UNITAR International University

The Research and Consultancy Centre (RCC) was established in September 2021 as part of UNITAR International University strategic plan for research excellence in the era of digitilization and industry 4.0. RCC is placed under the UNITAR Graduate school as the catalyst for establishing research, consultancy and innovation in four main focus areas:

    1) Business Intelligence and Data Analytics;
    2) Future Ready Education
    3) Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
    4) Strategic Marketing and Finance.

These research domains are aligned with SDG1: No Poverty, SDG3: Good Health and Well-Being, SDG4: Quality Education and SDG17: Partnership for Goals. At UNITAR International University, we work with our strategic partners both from the industries and universities to provide both quality education and research excellence

Sustainable Development Goal Number One No Poverty - UNITAR International University
Sustainable Development Goal Number Three Good Health and Well-Being - UNITAR International University
Sustainable Development Goal Number Four Quality Education - UNITAR International University
Sustainable Development Goal Number Seventeen Partnerships for the Goals - UNITAR International University


With cutting-edge cutting edge technology tools and technologies, organizations should empower their business with business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools which captures insights from data for better business decision making. BI involves varied processes and procedures which help in data collection, sharing, and reporting to ensure better decision making. BI tools help users generate reports and visualizations while data analytics with data science methods enables development of prediction model for deployment. Business Intelligence and Data Analytics reveal important patterns and relationships in the data for actionable strategies, leading to better business policies, processes, and profits. RCC collaborates with experts from industries, local and international universities for technology and knowledge transfer, and development of highly digital skilled researchers and workforce.
The education world is rapidly changing with the advancement of Technology in Education. In today’s learning environment, the paradigm shift is from a traditional teacher-centered to student-centered (or learner-centered) with the aim that learners will be more engaged and take responsibility in their learning process and academic performance. Educators face major challenges as Gen Z kids are growing up in a sophisticated media and computer environment and thus are more technology-savvy. Schools and Universities need to upskill educators in their teaching and assessment approach as well as ensure they have high competency in using education technology. At UNITAR International University, we collaborate with renowned experts to work on projects pertaining to digital learning content development, sustainable student engagement in online learning, future-education for future ready workers, and sustainable early childhood education. Underlying our initiatives is our awareness of the importance for holistic development of the person, the continued need to ignite curiosity and imagination and to provide opportunities for the development and cultivation of all student talent.
Business entrepreneurs focus on profits while social entrepreneurs, focus on the wellbeing of people and they develop innovative business plans and business models which create social change and are also sustainable. Social innovation encompasses the idea of new solutions and processes to solve social challenges and create social change for the development of the community or the society. In today’s rapid global, business and societal challenges, new forms of leadership are important for organizational sustainability and success. At UNITAR International University, we collaborate with renowned experts to work on projects pertaining to leadership, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, corporate sustainability, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.
Strategic marketing and finance are crucial in driving company’s growth. In the present era of data driven business, marketing and finance digital technology are crucial to optimize business growth. Digital marketing strategy can elevate business brand in terms of customer experience and outreach while digital finance technology can enhance business operations and profits. At UNITAR International University we work with our industry and academic partners to accelerate research, knowledge transfer and talent development to produce digital skilled workforce in the area of social and digital marketing, sustainable marketing and consumerism, forensic accounting, risk management, financial analytics and digital finance (integration of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile platforms, blockchain and the Internet of things (IoT) in the provision of financial services).

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