Dr. Nasyra Ab. Jamil
Dr. Nasyra Ab. Jamil is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Business and Technology, UNITAR International University. She graduated with a Degree in Multimedia (Media Innovation) from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya in 2003; Master in Business Administration from Open University, Malaysia in 2007, and Doctor in Business Administration (Finance) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2015. She joined UNITAR International University since May 2016. Her current research interest includes banking and finance, and risk management.

PhD (Tourism Economics), Universiti Putra Malaysia
Master of Management (IT), Universiti Putra Malaysia
Bachelor of Economics (Business Management) (Hons),Universiti Putra Malaysia

Specialization: Sharing Economics, Tourism Economics, Homestay

E-mail: sarina@unitar.my

1.Nasyra Ab. Jamil, Rasidah Mohd. Said, (2019). ’Ownership Structure and Risk Taking
of Malaysian Banking Institutions: A Comparative Measurement Applied in Developed
and Emerging Countries’. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change,
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4. Nasyra Ab. Jamil & Rasidah Mohd. Said (2018). Does Capital Adequacy Ratio Moderates
the Relationship Between Ownership Structure and Performance?. International Journal
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5. Nasyra Ab. Jamil, Rasidah Mohd. Said, & Fauzias Mat Nor. (2015). Ownership Structure
and Risk Taking of Malaysian Commercial Banks: The Moderating Effects of Capital
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Pending for Publication:

2021 & 2020:

1. Nasyra Ab. Jamil*, Zulyazri Bin Ismail, Mohd Shahrul Faisal Bin Ismail, Mohd Noor Asham Bin
Suradi, Siti Maizun Bt Arshad, Haizah Mahsuri Bt Hj Hamdin. Determinants Of Employees’
Job Satisfaction: The Review Of Management And Professional Officers In Dewan
Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

2. Nasyra Ab. Jamil*, Aszahari Mohamad Jameri, Dzul Adzren Kasim, Gunalan Ayavoo,
Sivanesan Seenivasan. The impact of brand equity on customer purchase intentions: A
study among the MBA students of UNITAR International University.

3. Nasyra Ab. Jamil*, Adam Helmy Bin Ali, Umar Farooq Bin Abdul Aziz, Mohd Arif Bin
Ahmad Suparman. Personal Financial Well-Being As Determinant To Work Performance
Among Members Of 93 Royal Signals Regiment.

4. Zubaidah Zainal Abidin*, Khairul Hisan Idris Shazali, Nasyra Ab Jamil and Hazezul
Razman Othman The Influence Of Women On Board On Child-Friendly Corporate Social
Responsibility Practices In Malaysia.

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