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Welcome to the My Creative Future Art Competition 2024, where innovation meets inspiration! Our theme aims to ignite the imaginations of today’s generation, urging them to contemplate the impactful actions they can initiate now. As we navigate through an ever-changing world, it’s imperative to foster a mindset of forward-thinking, empowering individuals to envision and create a brighter future for all.

With My Creative Future 2024 we embark on a journey of exploration and innovation, challenging participants to envision themselves as architects of change. By fostering creativity and ingenuity, we aim to inspire individuals to recognise their potential as catalysts for positive transformation. Join us as we pave the way for a tomorrow shaped by the visionary ideas and actions of today’s dreamers and doers.

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In your most creative language, express in 100 words or more stating

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Your statement can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Submit your statement in the following form by  Saturday, 3 August 2024.

Then,  top 100 most creative submissions will be selected for an Art & Design workshop at UNITAR. The workshop will brief you on the next part of the challenge, giving you tips and guides on the completion of the challenge.

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Express in art, how you see yourself as a designer in your future career of choice. Your artwork can feature any characters or illustrations on  what you think is beautiful and represents your future self.

You are free to express your ideas in a reality or fantasy setting.

JULY – AUGUSTSubmission – Statement of interest on “Why Design is your Career of Choice?” Deadline for submission: Saturday, 3 August 2024.
SEPTEMBERSelection of Top 100 Finalist for art workshop at SMArD @UNITAR on Saturday, 21 September 2024.
OCTOBERFinalist artwork submission. Deadline for submission: Saturday, 26 October 2024.
DECEMBERExhibition and Announcement of Awards (2nd week of December).

Top winning students will be awarded with a full scholarship for selected SMArD @UNITAR Diploma programmes. The list of courses offered for the scholarship are as per below:





Diploma in Animation Design



Diploma in Fashion Design



Diploma in Interior Design


A total EIGHTEEN (18) scholarships will be awarded, and the estimated value of scholarships is RM 330,750.

Winning Schools (Champion): Sponsor 1 PC worth RM3,000  X6

The following are the remaining reward categories for the competition:





Best Composition

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

Best Visual Story Telling

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

Best Technical Ability

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

Best Concept

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

Judges’ Favourite

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

Sponsors’ Favourite

1 x Full Scholarship

1 x 50% Scholarship

1 x 25% Scholarship

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Main Rules

  • Applicants for the competition must be a Malaysian citizen;
  • All applicants must be current Form 4 and Form 5 students between the ages of 16 – 18 years;
  • Students who received the Scholarship must meet the entry requirements of the programme and enroll within a year from the date they are awarded the scholarships or within a stipulated timeline in the Award. No extension of time will be allowed.
  • Scholarships are applicable to selected Diploma programmes offered at SMArD @UNITAR
  • The scholarship is non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • This competition is organised by UNITAR International University
  • Any group entries are NOT ACCEPTED
  • To participate in this competition, all stated competition procedures must be followed. Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  • Any entries submitted after the stated deadline will not be eligible to participate in this competition.
  • All prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other items and are subject to availability.
  • UNITAR reserves the right to amend any competition Terms and Conditions, at any time, without prior notice, and participants must adhere to such regulations.

Final Artwork Submissions Rules

  • Each participant are required to submit only ONE (1) artwork.
  • Artwork can be completed in ANY traditional drawing and painting medium, digital or collage art are ACCEPTABLE.
  • Feel free to complete your artwork in the art direction of your choice, whether it is a coloured piece or a black and white artwork. ALL traditional mediums are allowed such as watercolour, colour pencil, gouache, oil pastel, acrylic paints, pencil sketch, inking, etc.
  • You are required to prepare your own drawing and painting materials. A3 size drawing block paper with 165gsm thickness is recommended for your artwork.
  • ALL artworks submitted are NOT returnable.

Allowed Mediums

  • Charcoal / Pencil / Ink

  • Watercolor

  • Collage

  • Print Making

  • Mix media (incl. canvas, metal, wood, cloth, and others)


Submit your creative statement below and take the chance to show your unique creativity to the world! All the best.

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