5 Career Options for Those With a Degree in Education

For many, education goes beyond teaching. It’s a life-fulfilling field that helps every student achieve their career goals. What can you do with an education degree? Well, with a degree in education, you’ll be better prepared to step into the role of a teacher, administrator, principal or other careers related to education. From preschool to secondary school and university, there are many education-related jobs available to meet the demands for both public and private school systems.

Here are some of the education degree jobs to explore after graduation.


1.University Lecturer

One of the most common degree career options is to teach at a tertiary level. Usually, a master’s or PhD degree is needed to become a university lecturer. University lecturers play a role in imparting theoretical and hands-on skills, monitoring academic progress and overseeing examinations. 

Being a lecturer isn’t just about displaying technical capabilities. They should also have strong interpersonal and communication skills as they need to build rapport with students. 

Moreover, university lecturers are good researchers. They are instrumental in conducting research and fieldwork to produce scholarly papers that make an impact on society.   


2.Freelance Private Tutor

It’s a given that anyone with a degree in education can work at a school or university. But did you know that you can choose to be a freelance private tutor? Every student has specific educational needs, and some parents or educational institutions would engage with private tutors to provide focused and personalised attention. 

Apart from teaching one-on-one, private tutors are skilled at recognising their students’ learning hurdles in terms of academic subject and learning style, while creating innovative lesson plans to overcome them. They are also responsible for assisting with homework and test preparation.   


3.Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary School Teacher 

Becoming a school teacher for kids or teens is among the careers related to education that definitely keeps you young and on your toes. Other than having a fondness for teaching kids and teens, school teachers at preschools, primary and secondary schools need to be adept at classroom management in addition to possessing skills in communication, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. 

There’s also a need for school teachers to build rapport with parents as they are also contributors to their child’s academic success. 


4.Education Administrator

Education administrators are employed to keep an educational institution running smoothly. At schools, this job is usually carried out by a principal or assistant principal. For private schools and learning centres, the administrators are normally the programme directors or headmasters. 

These individuals manage daily activities in daycare centres, schools or universities as well as provide instructional leadership to teachers and assistant teachers. Education degree jobs like this one are more suitable for experienced educators who want to take up a managerial role, making them in charge of their own education establishments or someone else’s.


5.Curriculum Developer 

An educational curriculum developer assesses current school curricula to create new or improve existing ones. They determine and review course materials, textbooks and student assignments to make adjustments and improvements. 

Education-related jobs like curriculum developers need to first and foremost have a teaching licence and certification so that when they pitch their own ideas of curriculum development, curriculum writing and curriculum theory, it carries weight. 

When pursuing this career, you may have come across postgraduate programmes that specialise in curriculum development and instruction. However, some of these programmes may require candidates to be bachelor’s degree holders first in the subject of their interest, such as early childhood education

Now that you know what you can do with an education degree, the career opportunities in the education field are wider than the regular scope of classroom teaching. Check out UNITAR’s Bachelor of Education (Hons) to get you started in your educational career pursuit today.

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