What Can I Expect When Studying UNITAR’S Foundation in Arts?

Studying arts at a university does not end upon graduation; it’s a lifelong process for many. 


Increasing your perspective comes with experience, which involves both practical and theoretical studies. The basics serve as an introduction to the fundamental knowledge of business principles and humanities. What is a Foundation in Arts, exactly? The aim of the programme is for students to develop the necessary vocabulary and knowledge to be able to formulate explanations for concepts, principles, and theories.

Career Prospects

Career opportunities for arts students are in non-science-related fields such as business, education, law, mass communication, and hospitality. Specific career opportunities for arts students are entrepreneur, educator, business developer, and administrative assistant. The main highlight of the Foundation in Arts programme is the various electives included within the course. So you might wonder, what is the purpose of a Foundation in Arts? The course could be a route for a student who is still unsure about the field they want to pursue. The elective courses are Introduction to Psychology, Writing and Research Skills, Introduction to Visual Arts, and Legal Skills. The aim of the programme’s electives is to heighten the student’s interest or develop a sense of passion for a subject.

UNITAR’s 5-Star Quality Online Education

So why should you pursue a Foundation in Arts programme at our university? UNITAR is a Malaysian private university that has a QS 5-star rating which is internationally recognised. The rating serves as an acknowledgment of our availability for an online education, teaching quality, and our students’ high employability percentage. Lecturers are also carefully selected to represent their respective fields. This enables our students to learn about real-world experiences they might face when employed.


UNITAR was first established in 1997 and has since accumulated 25 years’ worth of experience in the education sector. Our fine-tuned programmes fit every student’s needs by making sure our students are well-equipped with applicable and collaborative skills. Our students are trained to adapt to changes within an industry, develop reflective thinking and be entrepreneurial in nature. Every semester, students are scheduled to have a casual meeting with faculty members called “Student Touchpoints”. These meetings are designed to have students ask their burning questions about the next steps to take for their career. Since UNITAR is a Malaysian Foundation in Arts university, entry requirements are SPM, UEC, O-level graduates, or any other local equivalent certificates.



UNITAR’s Foundation Bundling offers a rebate to students who choose to pursue the Foundation in Arts programme free of charge* if they choose to progress to a bachelor’s degree upon completion (terms and conditions apply). For Malaysian Foundation in Arts students, there are various financial aids made available, such as PTPTN, ZAKAT, and EPF. We aim to provide the necessities for students from all walks of life to truly find their purpose. Hence, we adapted to the times and made our Foundation in Arts course available both online and on campus. Learn more about UNITAR’s Foundation in Arts programme or check out our Foundation in Arts-Online course today!

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