Why UNITAR’s Foundation Program is Better

Upon completing your SPM, you may be confused about choosing the right pre-university paths and courses based on your interests and potential for future career. One of the pre-university pathways that will accelerate your academic journey to a bachelor’s degree is a foundation programme.

The foundation programmes offered at UNITAR are linked with real industry needs and are feeder courses into UNITAR’s undergraduate studies. So, students do not have to worry about potential employment after graduation because the courses offered certainly meet current industry needs and provide ample employment opportunities.

To avoid making the wrong choice, here are some reasons why UNITAR’s foundation program is the best option.

Flexible Admission

Pursuing your tertiary education is no longer an unachievable dream as admission requirements for UNITAR undergraduate programmes are flexible. The minimum requirements to enter the undergraduate programs is a minimum of five credits in SPM or equivalent, including UEC and O-Level qualifications. You can apply to UNITAR with those results, hence your average grades don’t represent a barrier to furthering your studies.

Affordable Learning

In addition to courses that meet current industry requirements, UNITAR’s tuition fees are also reasonable. You can also apply for scholarships offered by various parties if you show excellent academic and co-curricular performance. You also have the option to apply for financial aid such as PTPTN, even though the foundation programmes of most universities are not under PTPTN coverage. So financial problems are not the reason for you to forget your dream of furthering your education.

Diverse Student Body

Not many universities have numerous international students who come from around the world. At UNITAR, international students are greatly welcomed to further their studies. Because of this, UNITAR is well-known among international students.

Many students from all over the world have witnessed the diversity in the culture, way of thinking and personalities of students at UNITAR. The positive personalities in students are seen as a result of socialising with students from other countries who open each other’s minds and share their cultures and lifestyles.

High Student Employability Rate

UNITAR’s ability to produce high-quality, industry-ready graduates is proven with a graduate employability rate of 91%. Why is this employability rate so high? This is because courses are offered and taught in line with the current needs of the job industry.

Students are exposed to the true experience of working in the industry as UNITAR has 118 industry partners from public and private sectors, and they can ease themselves into the job market upon graduation. Some students were even offered a job with UNITAR’s industry partners upon completion of their industrial training.

The University Experience

UNITAR’s foundation program lets you experience a full-fledged university life with comprehensive campus facilities. In addition to the main campus in Kelana Jaya, UNITAR is in 10 other locations throughout Malaysia, including in Sabah and Sarawak. So, the issue of distant campus, the cost of transportation and so on are not major issues for those who want to pursue their studies at UNITAR.

Flexible Learning Modes

UNITAR offers flexible learning mode with three learning modes, namely conventional learning, distance learning and blended learning (a mix of conventional and distance learning). All three modes were approved and recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Holistic, Comprehensive Principles for Student Development

In addition, UNITAR emphasizes the principles of C.A.R.E. (Collaborative, Adaptive, Reflective, Entrepreneurial) in its students. C.A.R.E. is instilled in students’ hearts so that they can be individuals who are collaborative, have the ability to adapt to any situation, and the knowledge to contribute leadership skills. At UNITAR, C.A.R.E. is embedded and emphasised in every activity and learning session.

UNITAR Offers Two Foundation Programs

For SPM graduates, UNITAR offers two foundation programmes – Foundation in Information Technology and Foundation in Management. Students participating in the undergraduate program at UNITAR have the advantage because the foundation program offered is a hassle-free transition to the undergraduate bachelor’s program.

All degree courses offered meet current and future employment requirements. With that in mind, you can focus on your career path without having to worry about the credibility of UNITAR’s programmes. Those interested in learning more about the foundation programmes offered, entry requirements, duration of study and more, visit UNITAR FOUNDATION PROGRAM.

Testimonials of Foundation Students at UNITAR

Siblings Kavelnain and Gursimer who are pursuing their studies at UNITAR share their experience at the university. Older sister Kavelnain started foundation studies at UNITAR with scholarship aid before being offered a spot in a bachelor’s degree programme at UNITAR.

“UNITAR made the transition so easy. I was worried about having to trouble my parents to support me through my degree, but I received the help I needed and now my sister, Gursimer, is enjoying her foundation year here as well,” says Kavelnain.

If you want to be industry-ready upon graduation, UNITAR’s foundation programme is the right place to start. Those interested in applying to UNITAR can visit COURSES AT UNITAR for more information.


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