UNITAR Students and Employment After Graduation

Getting a job that pays well is one of the top reasons why most people go to university. There are wider job opportunities for fresh graduates compared to SPM certificate holders. Moreover, the earning potential for university graduates is higher as they have acquired specialised knowledge based on the chosen academic programme. 

Fresh graduates also possess stronger credentials when pursuing careers after graduation. It’s common in many job advertisements today to have a university degree to be called for a job interview. This shows that employers see the importance of tertiary education and that it helps students to think analytically and communicate ideas better.

What makes UNITAR International University students highly employable after graduation? Let’s take a look at the statistics below.

UNITAR Graduates Employability by Faculty

The employability rate is based on our faculties and different levels of study in 2020.


Faculty of Business and Technology (93.63%) 

UNITAR’s Faculty of Business and Technology is dedicated to preparing students for the ever-changing economic landscape while coming up with innovative business solutions with the help of digital technology. Our faculty members are passionate about imparting the fundamental knowledge of business tech and the related skills to understand the business of tech better. That way, students will have a higher chance of securing fresh graduate jobs related to this field. Some of the business tech career opportunities for graduates include the role of an e-commerce developer, market research analyst, SEO specialist and technical consultant. 

With many businesses going digital, our Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) is an ideal programme for individuals who want to learn the principles of management and marketing, corporate social policy, technopreneurship and macroeconomics.

Faculty of Education and Humanities (83.53%) 

Our Faculty of Education and Humanities is established as a multidisciplinary academic unit for teaching, research and professional engagement, offering a diverse range of programmes that focus on teaching excellence, communication studies, psychology and counselling. Among the fresh graduate jobs available in this field are educators of various academic levels, psychologists, education counsellors, social media specialists, marketing communications specialists and public relations officers.

Despite the sudden disruption in physical classes, there’s still a growing need for children, adolescents and young adults to continue their education preferably online. UNITAR’s Bachelor of Education (Hons) aims to align the student’s passion for teaching with a solid grasp of fundamental education theories and applications when conducting lessons in an online or hybrid learning environment. Or if you prefer to pursue your career after graduation in humanities, we offer courses such as Bachelor of Communication (Hons) and Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) – Online, to name a few. 


School of Culinary Arts (97.73%) 

With “Driven to Delight” as the tagline, our School of Culinary Arts places an emphasis on the variety of traditional and modern ASEAN cuisine selections and cultures to cater to the local and international market. Indeed, many restaurants and hotels have closed down during the pandemic but home-based F&B businesses significantly boomed in 2020, and they still continue to increase up to this day with the help of e-commerce platforms and online social media. Hence, the job opportunities for fresh graduates of culinary arts are promising as F&B businesses can now be digitalised.


UNITAR Graduates Employability by Level of Study


Bachelor’s Degree 

Employers are selective when it comes to hiring staff particularly in the corporate world and ideally, on a long-term basis. Unfortunately with the recent events, career opportunities for fresh graduates are lesser in certain industries but it’s still possible to secure good-paying employment after graduation. To stand out in the job market, it’s highly recommended to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree as it’s the minimum academic qualification required for corporate employment.

Postgraduate programmes like master’s and PhDs consisted mostly of working adults, which have been omitted in the statistics of employability above.  


Diploma holders in 2020 were not as highly employed as bachelor’s degree holders. Corporate employers may have a stronger preference for fresh graduates with higher academic qualifications. 

UNITAR offers academic programmes that are based on today’s most sought-after industries designed with comprehensive, hands-on curricula. We want UNITAR students to be future-ready and have the confidence to take on work challenges in their respective career fields. Reach out to us for more information on the courses and other academic enquiries.

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