Top 5 Most Popular UNITAR Courses for Working Adults

One of the biggest misconceptions about pursuing higher education is that you have to give up your career for it. That may have been true in the past where learning only takes place in a classroom, but now it’s a norm for universities everywhere to include part-time study modes and online courses — particularly for working adults who need to juggle multiple responsibilities.

Looking to upskill for a career switch or job promotion? Here are the 5 most popular university courses chosen by UNITAR working adult students.

#1 Most Popular Course: Master of Business Administration (Online)

It comes as no surprise that our online MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the most sought-after course programme among working professionals. Individuals in the corporate sector would usually add an MBA to their bachelor’s degree to polish their career profiles as well as to manage a business better by understanding the people and processes involved. They also have the opportunity to enrol with APEL,  Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning assessment, where your years of working experience is taken into account.

Our online MBA is a full-time postgraduate programme that offers various career opportunities in business management for any working professionals pursuing the course. Apart from local and international business, they will also have opportunities to look into the fields of finance, marketing and human resources.

Career prospects for MBA graduates:

  • Business Operations Manager: analyses business operations and delegates.
  • Marketing Manager: supports sales, plans events & people management.
  • Financial Manager: oversees the financial health of an organisation.
  • Database Administrator: helps users to easily use databases to find info.

#2 Most Popular Course: Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

If you don’t qualify for an MBA course right now, consider taking our online bachelor’s degree in business administration (Hons). Basically, you’ll acquire a general knowledge of business principles and practices. 

Career prospects for BBA graduates:

  • Accountant: records financial info when handling monetary transactions.
  • Financial Analyst: assesses the performance of stocks & other types of investments.
  • Market Research Analyst: gathers and analyses data on consumers and competitors.
  • Auditor: examines the accuracy of recorded business transactions.
  • Personal Finance Advisor: offers tailored financial advice and services.

Even though you’re currently working, there’s certainly an opportunity for working adults to enter university. You can take advantage of your work experience and apply through APEL to gain admission, with a further opportunity to reduce your study duration and costs.

#3 Most Popular Course: Master of Education (Educational Leadership & Management) – Online

Not into the world of business? 16% of our working professionals felt the same way. If you have a passion for education, particularly in leadership and management roles, take a look at our online master’s degree in educational leadership and management. This programme equips you with research methodology skills as well as prepares you to become a leader at public and private educational institutions. You can also have a hand in designing school curriculum and university courses.

Career prospects for educational leadership & management master graduates

  • Primary / Secondary School Principal: oversees all school operations & staff management.  
  • University Programme Director: provides academic leadership & direction to varsity programmes.   
  • Academic Consultant: helps parents, students and organisations with educational planning.
  • Curriculum Designer: designs and develops instructional materials or curriculum for educators.

#4 Most Popular Course: Bachelor of Education (Hons) – Online

Or if you prefer a general education degree, enrolling for UNITAR’s online Bachelor of Education (Hons) is a good choice. That way, you can choose to pursue a teaching or non-teaching career path. 

Career prospects for education bachelor graduates:  

  • Public / Private School Teacher: provides lessons in public schools / private learning centres or homes. 
  • Language Instructor: teaches a specific language and culture for professional and leisure purposes.   
  • Education Entrepreneur: edupreneurs who combine education with entrepreneurship and create an education or training-based company

#5 Most Popular Course: Foundation in Management (Online)

Working adults who didn’t achieve their desired results in their SPM exam can still enrol for a bachelor degree programme by excelling in a foundation course. Foundation studies are a way to provide an entry route to the first year of a bachelor programme. 


What makes UNITAR’s online Foundation in Management attractive is that it equips junior employees with basic management skills such as planning, decision-making, organising and leading in a study period of one year, while giving them an entry to sign up for a bachelor course programme to widen their job opportunities. After completing this foundation study, you can either pursue your career as a junior customer relations officer or further your studies.  

Our online university courses are tailored for working adults and school leavers who need the study flexibility to suit their current circumstances. With the inclusion of APEL, it makes university education all the more accessible for working professionals and everyone else to achieve their academic and career goals.

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