What is UNITAR Passport Programme & How Does it Work?

Applying what you’ve learned at university into the working world is the ideal goal of every graduating student. However, that’s not always the case. According to a 2019 YouGov survey, 51% of Malaysian graduates work in jobs unrelated to their degrees, while the remaining 49% work in jobs that fall back to their degrees [1].

To equip students with relevant employability and entrepreneurial skills, UNITAR Passport Programme has been created to offer students a pathway to land their preferred career through the Employability and Entrepreneurship passports.

Overview of UNITAR Passport Programme

Pursuing higher education can be a confusing time, which is why the UNITAR Passport Programme is established to provide a clear student journey by:

  • Finding a study mode (conventional or online) that suits you best
  • Offering additional skills in various courses to add value to your degree
  • Helping you plan your education and career journey

To know if the academic field is right for you, we offer a career personality test alongside an “Accelerate Your Future” plan. The plan is a helpful template for students to view their overall academic plan by filling in the following details:

  • Targeted age
  • Relevant academic qualification
  • Preferred study mode
  • Targeted career position
  • Relevant core skills & competencies
  • Relevant secondary skills & competencies
  • End goal (can be academic or non-academic related)

What’s unique about the “Accelerate Your Future” plan is that it doesn’t stop at the first year of your academic study; it continues to guide you in your postgraduate journey. As you can see at this point, the Passport Programme functions as a “personal academic advisor” so that you can make the right study choice that will align with your career interests and financial commitment. 

With the career personality test and “Accelerate Your Future” plan, you can then determine if you want to pursue your academic journey to general employment or entrepreneurship with relevant degree programmes, micro-credentials, industry workshops, student activities and internships.

Employability Passport Programme: Your Journey to Becoming Highly Employable!

The main goal for the Employability Passport is to build competencies by immersing the student with experiential learning through interactions with industry leaders, which bridges the gap between textbook education and real-world application. It also caters to the needs of working professionals who want to make a career switch or upskill from their current job position.

Here’s an example of what it looks like when you choose the Employability Passport:

Let’s say you want a job promotion to a C-level position (targeted career position) in an educational institution by the age of 35 (targeted age). To get there, you may find that the Master of Business Administration – Online (relevant academic qualification & preferred study mode) is just what you need for an executive role.

Most certainly, being a business executive requires the knowledge and capability to cope with the fast pace and changing economy. With an MBA, you will be able to communicate effectively across departments, know the key business practices, as well as employ qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse and solve critical business issues.  

Apart from gaining knowledge in management, business strategy, financial skills and marketing from an MBA programme (relevant core skills & competencies), attending UNITAR’s free industry workshops or payable micro-credential courses will further add value to your academic qualifications, which will become your source of secondary skills and competencies to become a highly qualified, business executive of any organisation (end goal).

Entrepreneurship Passport Programme: Your Journey to Holistic Business Education

Instead of relying on the words of self-acclaimed wealth gurus, it’s more feasible to turn your dreams of business ownership into a scalable reality via Entrepreneurship Passport. Secondary school leavers and working adults can take this route to gain access to holistic business education, fundamental growth strategies and modern-day best business practices.

Here’s an example of what it looks like when you choose the Entrepreneurship Passport:

Supposedly you’re new to the world of business and you lack entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. For new entrepreneurship students like yourself, the first year of your bachelor in business administration (Hons) degree programme (relevant academic qualification) will equip you with the business principles and theories (relevant core skills & competencies) to gear you towards your internship later in the semesters (end goal). Participating in UNITAR’s workplace-relevant workshops and student activities can further develop your secondary skills and competencies including communication skills.

Map Your Education Journey with UNITAR Passport Programme!

Whether you choose Employability Passport or Entrepreneurship Passport, you can be sure that your university life is more than just memorising facts from a textbook. With the UNITAR Passport Programme, students will have what they need to build a successful career long-term. Get in touch with our education counsellors today for information on available courses and other academic queries.



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