Diploma in Hotel Management

R-DL/811/4/0057 (MQA/FA 1862)
Level of Study: 
Faculty of Culinary & Tourism

Programme Overview

From international hotels, restaurants and sales to owner-operated catering operations, the Diploma in Hotel Management program qualifies you for employment across various specialization areas (front-office operations, housekeeping operations, food and beverage services, customer relations) in the Hotel Industry. It has a practical focus with a strong theoretical and business foundation. Students will further master the fundamentals of food and beverage services, food preparations and accommodation operations, and be introduced to the applications of managerial responsibilities with a solid grounding in business skills.

Programme Objectives 

  • Build a strong fundamental knowledge for the students  in the hotel discipline and an in depth understanding on specific topics such as housekeeping, front-office food and beverage preparation and services. 

  • Developing the students’ ability to plan and operate a small hotel, chalet, resorts, guesthouse and bed and breakfast business. 

  • Ensure that the students acquire knowledge in supporting disciplines such as marketing, accounting, human resource management, organization behaviour and soft skills such as human relations.

Career Prospects

The Diploma in Hotel Management will provide you with career opportunities in any parts of the world. The exciting career, while demanding hard work, offers attractive salaries and excellent career advancement prospects. There are also ample opportunities for self-improvement as you will be able to travel, meet people and gain international exposure. With the hotel management and related skills, you can choose from a wide range of careers at various management, supervisory and operating levels in hospitality, services, and food and beverage industries.


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