Diploma in Tourism Management

R/812/4/0025 (MQA/FA 1706)
Level of Study: 
Faculty of Culinary & Tourism

Programme Overview

The Diploma in Tourism Management is an academic programme that influences on a unique learning opportunity in the combined disciplines of tourism and management. Students will be equipped with a comprehensive knowledge in tourism industries and will be exposed to both theories and hands-on learning opportunities of practices. In addition, this program will lead students to think critically about balancing the development and sustainability issues, as well as to mastery selected foreign languages. Eventually, graduates of the programme are expected to be proficient in handling the common tourism practice, able to confront with the needs of the industry by becoming the forefront supervisors and lower level managers that leads to advice on routine decision making process of the job scope. 

Career Prospects

Industries related to tourism: Attractions, Lodging, Food and beverages, Transportation, Travel Operator & Agencies, Tourism related government agencies, event companies and tourism entrepreneur

The position: 
Supervisory level & below, ticketing and reservation officer, guest service officer, airline ground and cabin crew event planner etc.

Programme details